Social Marketplace and Fixed Price Service


You will discover that services that are being offered are priced in many different ways. You will have a service that is priced on perception, time, under pricing and over pricing, and you will have what is called a fixed price service. In this post, you will learn some important facts about fixed pricing. You are probably wondering what this has to do with the social marketplace, and what it can do for your business. To be honest – it can provide a great deal.

First of all, the social marketplace is becoming a major contender in online social commerce. Because of this, there are individuals that are coming up with ways to streamline the process of pricing certain services which are attractive alternatives for buyers. Buyers do not want to waste time with prices that are out of control for a specific service they would like performed. They are more interested in keeping their pricing within reason, and to count on the actual price.

The days of pricing a service based on what someone thinks it should be, or pricing an item over time, or suggesting a price for a service and hoping it never reaches that price level, are slowly drifting away. More and more people that are visiting social marketplaces are looking for services that provide a single price for s specific service. They are also looking for feedback, recommendations, and ratings based on real people and facts.

It will become harder for people that are providing bogus services to get ahead of those that are providing real services, with real prices, that real people are finding value in. Social networks are now making the online buying experience that much more pleasurable because people will be able to count on the outcome because someone they know has recommended it. A fixed price service provides more value for consumers because they’ll know ahead of time what to prepare for.

Soon, the days will be gone of fictitious feedback, long and drawn out recommendations that are really nothing more than JPEG images, and prices that fluctuate because they are based on old ideas. Today, you will discover that there is a new way to buy services online and that will be by visiting a social marketplace where others, that you may know, will be providing feedback, recommendations, and ratings on a fixed price service you may find extremely valuable.

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