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In today’s advancing search engine marketing industry, a lot of innovations have been introduced to provide effective SEM strategies to both newbies and regular players of the online marketing realm. And one of the most popular methods in SEM is social bookmarking.

Basically social bookmarking is where online users organize, store, manage, and search for bookmarks of site URLS as different resources that can be found in the World Wide Web. And relating with search engine marketing, it is where a website is introduced to other online users who are looking for reference on a particular topic.

This strategy has been effective because is exemplifies the “word of the mouth” type of marketing. The more people who bookmark and feature your site on different social bookmarking site, the more you gain a good reputation of being a trusted source on a particular information.

So, here are some of the popular bookmarking sites that you can use in this method. Along with the description and basic features of the sites, basic guidelines and tips will also be presented to help you in your SEM campaign.

Digg – It is probably the most popular and widely used bookmarking site as it provides a Digg user the power to feature a site, page, or story they find interesting and informative. Once the URL is being offered in the service, other users can cast their votes in favour for the featured page if they find it useful.

The great thing about Digg is that it is centered on the community of Digg users who contributes and have a say on a post. The more votes or known as “digs” in the site lingo is made, the greater chances the featured site can land on the front page of the search, thus having better exposure.

StumbleUpon – It is another popular social bookmarking site where online users can channel surf the internet to explore interesting websites, pages, blogs, and even photos and videos with its power navigator that easily works like hammering the TV remote control. More than that, you can keep an online history of what you have visited or known as “stumbles” on the site lingo, post rates, make reviews and shares interesting links.

Squidoo – This website creates posts that discuss a particular topic and includes links as part of reference and recommendations to readers.

Del.icio.ous – One of the oldest and heavily subscribed social bookmarking site, it is a social bookmarking manager where you can easily add sites to your collection of links and categorize them through the keywords used. Here you can share your collection with other online users.

Other popular social bookmarking sites are Twitter, Reddit, Propeller, Lenroll, Tagfoot, and many more. Having an exposure even on one of these sites contributes to your site’s visibility on the internet realm.

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