Smart Sites On Smartphone Are Mobile and Social For Search!


The mobile social, multichannel media matrix just got more optimised for paid search! Which now might catch the interest of site owners still to integrate their website for mobile and develop a meaningful social media presence. Not only have Google decided to open up +1, they have also announced that mobile optimisation will be an AdWords factor driving search traffic.

News that online sales using smartphones now account for more than one in ten of all purchases on eBay and that according to comScore, the UK was the biggest smartphone user in Europe in the three months up to July 2011, confirms the continuing consumer shift from eCommerce to mobile transaction.

Of the 44 per cent of UK smartphone subscribers and users of mobile apps, around 16.7 million people, or 27 per cent of owners are also engaged in some form of mCommerce and yet a staggering 94 per cent of UK businesses have still not incorporated mobile commerce into their marketing strategies.

Mobile and tablet technology is driving consumer expectation and Google is aggregating it’s traditional search algorithm for social discovery and content share. Smartphones are increasingly being used for online purchasing as a key user activity alongside traditional calls, texting, emails, social networking, gaming, accessing the web and listening to music. Just under 10 per cent of highly active mCommerce users also purchase food and household goods on smartphone.

As consumers come to anticipate that new mCommerce tools will bring enhanced service quality, speed and convenience, a substantial gap has now opened up between expectation and current site provision for mobile.

The latest service offering from Google means that the +1 button for AdSense display ads applies to both site content and also to mobile content. According to Google, “… users will be able to endorse specific ads”, which aim to make the ads “more likely to appear to their social connections”, and act as an “…additional signal to help determine an ad’s relevance.”

In other words, not only bringing a mobile owners’ specific attention to an ad but as a result of AdSense reports, provide the site owner with vital data to accurately determine traffic revenue generation. As with traditional PPC ad paid search, the higher quality score receives a lower cost per click and better ad placement. Online marketing is now multichannel. The message is clear. A website needs to be accessible by mobile or risk losing visibility, credibility and sales with busy human visitors on-the-move, on-demand and always-on. But now, equally as important, gaining social ranking with Google.

Smart sites are already on Smartphone – it’s time to go Mobile and Social for Search!

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