Smart Email Marketing Technique That Will Instantly Double Your Revenue!


Want to know one smart email marketing technique that will double your revenue instantly?

For this example we will assume you have a lead capture (squeeze) page live online and converting some of the visitors to that page into subscribers.

From there you can follow up with your subscribers via your auto-responder sequence. This will enable you to make money on the back end of your sales funnel.

But wait a minute!

What about all the lost advertising space in between your prospects signing up at your squeeze page and being funneled into your follow-up sequence.

The vast majority of email marketers don’t see the true potential that the front end of your sales funnel has to offer. As soon as your prospects sign up at your squeeze page they are immediately re-directed to the “thank you” page.

Think about this for a moment!

That means every single subscriber you add to your auto-responder campaign will be instantly redirected to the thank you page!

There’s no avoiding it unless they were to shut down the tab altogether or close their browser.

The key here is to create a custom thank you page to redirect your new subscribers too once they have signed up to your list.

This is more than likely going to be the only occasion throughout your email marketing campaign that every single one of your subscribers will see an offer you are presenting them with.

100% Exposure for your custom-made thank you page.

Create a custom webpage and thank your subscribers for joining your list. Personalize the experience for them and they will take a warming to you quickly.

Add some affiliate banners to your webpage where you can earn back end commissions or link images to your sales pages and present them with special offers of your own products if you’re a vendor and sell your own products.

Just don’t waste this space, this is huge exposure for whatever offer/s you’re going to present your subscribers with.

Also you could monetize and create a custom “confirmation” page. This is where your subscribers will be redirected to once they have confirmed to opt in to your list. Also known as “double opt in.”

Not everyone uses the double opt in feature with their auto-responder campaigns, however I recommend leaving the confirm opt ins feature on as this will lead to less spam complaints in the future.

This smart email marketing technique is easily leverageable as you can split test offers against each other and build a front end sales funnel that converts like crazy.

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