Simple Tips To Build Your Mailing List


1. Create Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other sites linking to your website. The more popular that the websites are in terms of rank, the higher quality the backlinks are. Backlinks are essential to driving more traffic and bringing in more visitors to your website and opt-in page sign-ups. Websites and places that can provide high quality back links are:

YouTube, Google profiles, EzineArticles, yahoo local listings, LinkedIn, Craigslist listing, Squidoo, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit and other websites can help build POWERFUL backlinks that will drive FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website as well as providing a reputation for yourself in the internet world. With more traffic comes more sign-ups at the opt-in page

2. Provide Free Content For Visitors Who Sign Up

In order to get more visitors to your website to go to your squeeze page, you have to give something to them when they sign up. This could be a free report, eBook, video, game, or any type of exclusive content that will increase trust for you and your website. By giving free content to subscribers, they will be more likely to follow your emails and will be more likely to try your paid products and upsells.

The person goes from being a visitor to a prospect to a customer to a client. It is also ideal for the content to be high value. It must have unique content that will teach or entertain people in that niche. For example you wouldn’t offer a free e-book for making money online to a dog lover subscriber.

3. Offer affiliates 80% or higher commission for promoting your websites or Product

If you offer affiliates 80% or higher for your products/services, it will attract the affiliates into promoting your product. More affiliates=more traffic and more traffic=more potential subscribers. You can put your products on ClickBank or ClickSure and all the affiliates would have to do is copy your link which would trace back to your site. You may be losing money in the short term. In the long term, you will have a very large emailing list that will compensate your losses and more.

4. Make Your Opt-ins Noticeable

Now I’m not saying to have your opt-ins everywhere, but it would be ideal to have 1 per page or more. If you only have your opt-in at the homepage, it will convert less because the visitors haven’t trusted you yet. Provide free content on your website through YouTube embeds or product reviews. After, you can have your opt-in at the bottom. The readers that are interested decide if they want to subscribe to more reports or products.

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