Should You Buy Email Marketing Software?


If you do not know by now, there are a few reliable business email hosting providers offering their members the same features and benefits as an email client, if not even more. From unlimited storage, to data backup and hassle-free anti spam & anti virus protection – these are options one can find on most email providers.

The question is: should you still buy an email marketing client?

Why would you do it? Here are a few key reasons:

1. If you want to be the single person to have access to your list, and do not want to leave it hosted on a third party server.

Privacy is a key concern in today’s Economy, so if you are sitting on the fence and dislike the idea of allowing somebody else (be it a reputable third party provider or ISP) to host your email correspondence, then using a software client would be the right thing to do, long term wise.

2. If you want to run your mailing list and need click tracking and open rate statistics for maximum performance, then the proper software to handle your email marketing looks like being the next logical step.

3. If you are not a professional graphic designer and you want your emails and newsletters to look and feel professional, then an email client might provide you with built-in newsletter templates or layouts/skins you can download for that particular software.

So, before you decide for your email client, make sure it meets your business goals and individual objectives. Due diligence is required like in anything we do in life. I believe one should not take the free route when it comes to running an Internet or offline business with online presence. You get what you pay for is a true remark, and you better be prepared to spend a few days and go in depth on these email clients.

The scope of our article is far beyond reviewing the best email clients. I will leave this aspect for another topic, and now, before we wrap it up, I would like to leave you with a final tip:

My last advice: go with a business email hosting provider that you feel safe with, and at the same time, select an email client you feel empowered with to achieve your end goals and finish your tasks like a pro.

We are spending at least an hour a day checking emails, so this step should not be taken lightly.

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