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Your plan began with an idea for a great product, and now it has transformed into what you hope will become a profitable business. All you have to do now is create a website and start filling the orders! Actually, becoming successful in online sales involves much more than this. How will people find your products if they do not know where to look, or worse, what to look for? SEO tools are an essential aspect to any successful online business. There are countless examples of software and tools to choose from. Some of these are free, while others are not. If you think you’re ready to pay for tools, then take a look at some of the top tools which require serious consideration.

Some of the best online businesses suffer because they rank low in search results. They may offer some of the best products on the market, yet they fail to reach their target audience! Major search engines like Bing and Google rank websites according to relevancy. One way to increase your site’s relevancy is to utilize some of the latest SEO tools available. A great example is Majestic SEO. Majestic SEO checks back links and it offers Webmaster Tools as well. You can choose from silver, gold or platinum accounts, all of which provide great access to tools and support.

SEOmoz PRO is one of the most popular tolls to date. It contains a fairly new feature called the Fresh Web Explorer. This feature sends feeds across the internet for brand mentions, and it provides you wit the link to that brand. Fresh Web Explorer records the number of times a brand is mentioned on news sites, blogs or other forms of media. As a result, you can begin to get a better view of your brand’s popularity as it relates to the popularity of other brands. You can use this tool to assess your competition, and then to make adjustments accordingly. Additionally, you can analyze social media followers, analyze keywords or even track your rankings!

Another great tool you should consider is called Raven Tools. Raven Tools allows you to draw data from multiple platforms, including many of the other top Google services. You can use Raven Tools and its applications to perform a myriad of SEO tasks. Many people say that those who decide to use Raven Tools should opt for the Agency account over the Pro account. The Agency account allows you to gather more reports per month. One of the more useful tools offered here is called the Research tool. This allows you to type in the domain of a competitor in order to see an extensive and useful report. Raven Tools is very reasonable priced, and it is a great choice for those who do not want to risk too much money on SEO tools.

The last, and perhaps the most important tool that you should pay for is called Advanced Web Ranking. This tool allows you to monitor social media, in addition to helping you with website optimization, keyword research, analysis of competitors and much more! The tool allows you to get very specific results, such as where a website ranks for keywords versus the websites of competitors. You can run as many reports as you like, as there are no limits to this feature. If you’re ready to take the next step in website design, then make sure to give each of these SEO tools a chance. They are well worth the money and they can help you to achieve the success you desire.

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