SEO: The Study Of Meaning


Semantics is the study of meaning. It focuses on the relation between signifiers, like words, phrases, signs, and symbols, and what they stand for, their denotation, thus, the definition of the SEO trends of 2014. Innovation, creativity, and novelty are the new focuses of SEO. Since salvaging keyword information is becoming more and more challenging, it is evident that the search engines, particularly Google, intend to reward the content rich sites, as opposed to the keyword rich sites. What does this mean for Web Masters? The core emphasis of our business websites must be the engagement of the customer. Rather than placing our efforts on keyword density, our strength in the ability to rank should lie in our content, branding, and social media statuses.

We must develop a comprehensive content building strategy. The days of infrequent or periodical updates or posts being considered satisfactory are officially gone. The frequency of creating new and original content should now be drastically increased to a weekly, if not daily, basis. This is what our customers are looking for, and this is what will get your search engine rankings where you need them to be, at the top. Keep in mind, content is not limited to words, as the world we live in is tremendously technology conscience, we must include video, audio, and images, whether they are of entertainment, informational, or tutorial value. Creating and maintaining a documented content strategy will greatly assist in meeting your marketing goals.

In addition to steadily adding new content, we must ensure that we generating quality content. Quality overcomes quantity at all times. Re-examine your existing content and raise the standards. Remove or revise content that is overly promotional, grammatically incorrect, outdated, or unorganized. Emphasis should be placed on relevance and common problem solving so that it is appealing to our audience, providing them with a unique and memorable experience, which, in turn, will promote awareness of your brand. Social Media is the number one outlet for content sharing; therefore, we should make it a point to have content that is rich, that our customers will want to pass on through their choice social channels. Make social sharing easy for your visitors by designing your website around the ability to share through multiple methods.

Acquiring reviews from your audience should also be a key factor in improvement efforts. We have stopped listening to our customers, and it’s time to begin taking their thoughts, opinions, and needs into consideration, and adjusting our tactics accordingly. Doing so will naturally bring about a foundation for valuable subject matter, and will allow your website to stand out from the competition. If we refrain from obsessing about keyword density and search engine ranking, and instead, obsess over the true purpose of our being, we will see success, both within our sales and with the search engines.

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