SEO Specialists – Beware


Search engine optimization (SEO) can have a significant impact on your search engine ranking and ultimately the number of potential customers that visit your site. Without question, SEO has become a major marketing strategy for companies large and small. Using natural or unpaid methods you can improve your visibility in search engines, but many internet marketing companies offer hard and fast promises that can be described as little more than a scam. Indeed, SEO scams are increasingly common because of the popularity of the internet and the desire to quickly access the benefits of a virtual marketplace.

Many search engine marketing “specialists” try to lure new clients by making unreasonable promises. In fact, it can be easy to spot a scammer just from the promises they make. In general, beware of any internet marketing professional that makes any or all of the following claims:

  1. You’ll get almost immediate results from your SEO campaign.
  2. You’ll be at the top of search engine rankings.
  3. Your website will be submitted to thousands of search engines.
  4. You can buy links to improve your link building.
  5. Our methods are highly effective but top secret.

When it comes to SEO marketing, business owners need to be given realistic expectations of results. Improving your search engine rankings is one thing, but converting those improvements to new customers is another. I can easily build a website that tops search engine rankings, but this might mean that I’m manipulating obscure key words that clients aren’t realistically searching. A truly successful SEO strategy takes time to build and should be developed according to your product or service and your target audience. Similarly, chosen keywords may be relevant to your business, but they may not convert to website traffic if these keywords are never searched. Even if your internet marketing professional can provide page one search results for all search engines, you also need to make sure these results convert to leads from your website.

Indeed, page rankings are simply a means to an end. Leads or sales are your ultimate goal, and building quality customers is always a process and one that is rarely achieved immediately. Some internet marketers may also employ unethical techniques that can result in penalties for your website. These techniques disregard search engine rules and regulations, present content in an unethical fashion, and generally degrade the user experience. Keyword stuffing, invisible text, and doorway pages are examples of these dodgy techniques that may be effective in the short term but will almost always lead to penalties that decrease your websites visibility in the long term.

Similarly, scammers may offer to sell you links, which may seem appealing on the surface. But just randomly building links that you pay for will not necessarily improve the visibility of your site. Powerful links are meaningful links that are closely associated with your customer base and product or service. Again, hoping for instant results with little work is almost always a recipe for failure.

Most importantly, your internet marketing professional should be open and honest about the techniques he or she will use in your SEO strategy. Secret methods exclude you from the decision making process; but a respectful and effective search engine marketing specialist will be able to show you some concrete plans for building visibility. You should have options presented to you and different packages that match your budget and your ethics.

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