SEO, PPC or Perhaps Both?


So, you have a website and you need to focus on driving traffic to increase conversions. Should you run a PPC campaign, PPC and SEO in parallel, or just SEO?

The reality at present is that PPC receives the largest budget. In 2008 Jupiter Research reported that search advertising should continue to be the largest for online ad spending. In addition in 2008 SEMPO data via Massimo Burgio revealed that 11% of budget goes to SEO with 87% to PPC (source, The Art of SEO).

That’s an amazing insight when you consider that leaked data from AOL shows that 89% of people searching click on the first 10 natural results.

What this shows is that the budgets are allocated by the marketing departments, no surprise there, and that marketing people have a natural affinity with PPC. The reasons are pretty clear…it is far easier to calculate the ROI with PPC because of the excellent tools that Google and Microsoft provide with their respective PPC engines. It’s also instant, something that marketing people love!

SEO is seen as the domain of the developers and typically they have little input over marketing budgets!

In truth both have a place in every business as together they comprise the full set of online marketing tools required to survive in today’s competitive world.

PPC provides rapid exposure and so can be used effectively to launch products, promote micro sites, increase awareness and run short campaigns. In contrast SEO is a relatively slow burn activity that builds over time to increase your online presence. In the end SEO will provide a greater ROI is implemented properly.

Considering the two different approaches, and that the advocates for each are geometrically opposed, it comes as a surprise to find that many of the core tasks are shared. Keyword research is the bedrock of any online campaign, PPC or SEO, as it enables the website owner to tune into the psyche of customer. Understanding the needs and wants of the customer, in their language, enables the campaign to targeted very precisely, in a way that was not possibly 10 years ago.

Today it is possible to identify a niche, understand the size of the market, the language used by potential customers, the level of competition and create and launch a campaign in as little as a couple of days! Now that’s the power of digital marketing!

At the end of the day remember to focus on the business and not the technology. The business drives the technology and not vice versa. Both SEO and PPC can provide excellent solutions to your specific business needs.

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