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A well designed, search engine friendly website can influence the way your site is indexed, and bring in targeted traffic. By optimizing your keyword phrases, maximizing link popularity and link relevancy you can increase the ranking of your site, and bring in more targeted traffic

Optimize your site by first making a list of keywords and keyword phrases that your targeted market will use to find you in their search. Use keywords that are relevant to your site. Try to match your keywords to the contents of the page you are optimizing. Focus on those keywords that bring in a fair amount of traffic, but not so much competition.

Use assigned keywords in the appropriate places; each page you optimize should lean towards a different set of keywords.

On your Title Tags use short, accurate descriptions to describe your pages. Every page should have its own unique title tag. Use a maximum of 65 characters.

Keyword Meta Tags tell the search engines where to index your site. Use a comma to separate keywords and phrases. Use each keyword about 5 times in different phrases. Use the appropriate keywords for that particular page.

Description Meta Tags need to be an accurate description of the page contents. Each page on your site needs its own description Meta tag. Use the same keywords that were applied elsewhere on this page. Use a total of 200-250 characters.

Body Text is your header tag and body copy. Your header tag needs to effectively describe the subject content of the page. The body copy needs to have a descriptive paragraph at the top that describes what can be found on this page. Use your most important keywords in the first few sentences, then again in the middle and the end of the text. Be sure they relate to the content and flow naturally.

The next two steps in raising your ranking with the search engines are link popularity, and link relevancy.

Link popularity is the number of links to your site from other sites, blogs, and social media.

Link Relevancy is a link that is relevant to your site. The more relevant the links are that link to your site, the higher your ranking will be, and you will have more targeted traffic coming to your site.

To get more links to your site you need to have something people want. Like great product, service, or valuable information.

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