SEO Is Hard To Negotiate On Price If You Want Results


Now this is a good thing to do however when it comes to SEO and online marketing, it is a very tough area to negotiate especially if you want results. There are many companies who offer affordable SEO services and other companies that charge much higher amounts. The difficult area here is to make sure that you find a company that can and will deliver good SEO results for you. Price does come into the equation however because it is a service it makes it hard to get the price down too much.

Generally speaking a good search company or SEO consultant will normally quote you a price in the form of a written document that will outline how they intend to spend your money each month. This tends to be distributed into article marketing, link building, blogging and press releases. So essentially all the money is clearly outlined on how it will be spent and as all these services are very time consuming for the SEO engineer if you do start to haggle him or her down then more than likely you will just be haggling down the time they spend on link building or article marketing. This in turn will just result in a slower rise in your search rank and less conversion i.e. less business.

The point is you need to think long and hard about what you want and recognise that good SEO is worth paying for as long as you get results. Negotiating to hard on your SEO budget will ultimately just cost you longer time not on Page one for the big search engines because your SEO consultant is not motivated. Their motivation is key to online marketing success and that normally comes in the form of a good money deal.

This is by no means a suggestion that you need to pay them a fortune however you do need to see testimonials from their customers telling you how good they were and then you need at least 3 quotes so you can see the price isn’t sky high.

The key element here is there is no point in paying half the amount you should to a bad SEO company and not get anywhere on the search engines. It is always better to pay a higher amount and get a result fast and then review the situation as to whether it is financially viable to keep paying them or not.

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