SEO Editor Is an Important Job in Search Engine Optimization


Upon the completion of well written text for web pages in describing a business’s services or products, the text must be handed over to the SEO editor for optimization. In doing so, the SEO team’s Creative Writer or Editor will take all the SEO research and data and infuse it into the website’s original text so that it marries well and blends right into the language. There are many steps beyond that which must be taken to refine the SEO-ready text. An example would be shifting the emphasis of a sentence or changing the usage of a key word to reflect another meaning. Many of us call it story telling while guiding the robots through the story. A page with many keywords and phrases dumped into lots of text is not SEO-ready and can appear confusing to the reader and may not even make sense to the robots.

A well expressed and creative SEO Editor is so valuable to the process of getting a web page or web site ranked high, as well as having the text optimized for the search engines. You must have well constructed text that relates well to the subject on your web pages with an underlying understanding of the SEO goal and how to maintain its importance. Now that you have SEO-ready text throughout your website you need to integrate the links, tags and other elements that support the text and do it consistently throughout the website. It can be tempting to implement Alt tags without regard to usage in their relationship with the text. So consistency is important throughout the optimization. An over emphasis on the wrong formula and you can hurt your results. The mind best suited for the task is a logical and thorough one. Common sense comes to mind as well. I have seen many professionals have a chaotic recipe for optimizing text and that failure can severely delay the trend of improved search results or even hurt the ranking.

I have often seen webmasters take on the task themselves and overuse key phrases and key words, which may disqualify the work and effort put forth. On the other hand, there are many cases of attempts to inject key phrases into text without consideration for their relationship with the body of copy and it’s meaning. So it is crucial that one educates themselves on all the nuances and criteria needed to be an effective SEO Creative Writer and produce quality search engine results and rankings!

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