SEO Articles Make You More Money


Most people that are new to SEO marketing, have been wondering if investing in SEO articles is worth their time and effort and if you are one of these persons wondering about the benefits of articles for SEO, then you should first look into the benefits of these articles and then make your own decisions.

Before going into your article marketing campaign, there are a few things that you should look into because the little unimportant details can make a major difference to your results and your overall success; therefore, to improve your search engine rankings and the traffic to your website, continue reading this article and you will notice some major differences in your article marketing venture.

The first thing that is essential to the success of your SEO articles are the targeted keywords

Before writing your articles, you will need to do a thorough research on the keywords or phrases that will generate the highest traffic in your niche. To find the right keywords, there are quite a number of paid and sometimes free software that will generate some good search results for you; however, you will need to start at Google’s keyword tool. You should open a free account with Google to see what the competition is doing. You should also read articles in article directories to see the keywords that get the most use in your niche.

You should also use LSI keywords:

After you have sourced the major keywords that you want to use, now is the time that you should start searching for LSI keywords that can be found online. The service that you will use is free and you will be provided with related terms to use in your articles. Using LSI keywords provides you with a way that you can improve your website ranking for different phrases, while at the same time only submitting one article.

Remember to use anchor tags in your articles:

While using a link is essential to directing traffic to your site, the use of anchor tag is also crucial to your overall success. You should also ensure that your keyword phrases can be found in your article title, the body, and the anchor tags as well.

When writing you articles for SEO ensure that you make your readers feel engaged and you should also use an appealing profile page and bio. Ensure that your articles deliver something of worth to your readers and never try to sell in an article written for SEO purposes.

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