SEO and Google’s New Idea


Search engine optimization, for many years, meant simply getting enough content on a site with the appropriate keywords to make the search engines take notice. This, of course, led to abuses where people found various ways to stuff articles full of keywords and to trick them into giving them inappropriate rankings for those keywords. Google’s new idea, as of 2011, is to improve their search algorithm in a way that rewards quality. For businesses that are considering new ways to engage in search engine optimization efforts, SEO just got a lot more difficult.

The Content

The new search engine algorithm that Google implemented is designed to do a better job of determining the actual quality of any article that it indexes. So, for example, an article that is stuffed with keywords would, ideally, get passed over in favor of an article that had fewer incidences of the keyword in it but that have better quality about the subject matter to which the keyword refers. This means that, for effective SEO, companies now have to make sure that the content of the articles on their sites offer much more substantive information than they did in the past.

The Benefits

The type of SEO that is required of companies today will not be of any benefit unless those companies are willing to firmly align their goals with those of the search engines. Essentially, the company has to make the goal of providing information on their webpage that their visitors will actually enjoy reading and from which those visitors can derive useful information. This is what the search engines want to provide their customers, as those customers go on the search engines looking for information, not advertisements.

One of the potential benefits to SEO is that the company that engages in this type of SEO will get longer-term results than they would if they were simply going for heavily keyworded content. In the end, the company will end up with an archive full of useful information that will constitute a genuine resource for people searching for materials about whatever industry happens to apply. In this instance, the benefits to the website that takes on sensible SEO efforts and the search engine are both significant. The search engine gets to provide their customers with useful resources and the business gets to establish itself as an authority.

Other Concerns

Of course, because this type of SEO is going to become the norm, businesses will be adding better and better content to their websites so that they can get better search visibility out of the effort. This means that the competition will become fiercer and, of course, that there will be a great deal of repeated information between many different websites. One of the things that businesses will have to take into account is that their content will have to be a little bit better and a little bit more interesting than the rest to attract visitors from the other, competing sites.

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