Selling Wholesale Retro Sweets Online


Sweet shops are much different these days than they were 40 years ago! The look and feel of the shops was entirely different although the same aesthetic feel has tried to peep its head once more. Traditional sweetshops would have had a window towards the front showcasing postcards and items for sale, the headline of the day from the national newspaper would be one of the first things you saw.

Retro candy brings a sense of nostalgia to all of us and it’s making quite a comeback. It could have something to do with longing for the good old days when things were a bit easier. Regardless, it’s a great business to get into right now and can be started with minimal set-up costs. With nostalgia high and the ease of the internet, you can start your own online business selling sweets… and that is exactly what we did!

The foundation of any retro candy business, besides the candy of course, is an e-commerce website. This will be your customer’s main source of information and where they’ll make their purchasing decision. This means your online confectionery website is very important. You want it to be easy to use. Each customer interaction has to be fulfilling.

The website will need to be visually appealing of course. However, the candy you’re selling must also be easy to find. Finally, you’ll want to make sure your shopping basket is seamless. Customers want to be able to add products to their shopping cart, delete them or update them, and then checkout quickly.

Starting your own retro sweets business can be a lot of fun, we had such an enjoyable time speaking to manufacturers, customers and doing field research to get invaluable feedback on the market that we were entering. Sharing your passion for sweets and helping others indulge their own is profitable and rewarding.

Is there really a market for selling sweets online? Buying sweets online is a very unusual ideal for some and people wonder why they don’t just go to their local shop? In this day though, the cost of petrol, etc, it works out much cheaper to enjoy and buy sweets from your own home!

Sweets come in different varieties and everyone has their own opinion and their own memories associated to their favourite confectionery. We created an e-commerce website that consisted of detailed information and clear images to ensure just what you are buying! The advantage of buying sweets online is that you can have several choices all on just one page, plus you can see the design and packaging right away. You can easily compare prices as well which is especially important if you are buying in bulk! You can also explore other sweets offered which you might not have come across in the past.

Selling wholesale sweets online has taken us on a real journey and we have loved every minute of it. We have lots of fantastic new ideas for the future and we see the confectionery industry in good stand for many, many years to come.

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