Selling to Email List Subscribers For Profit


An opted-in email list is a source of both income and responsibility. So many list owners send out rubbish messages and silly useless products, actually these mailings look like spam and are very unpopular. Email list owners should remember that their customers have at one time knowingly opted in to the list and the last thing they want is their inbox filled with junk mail. In this article you will find some wisdom in the knowledge of what should be sent.

The two most successful ways to sell to a list are.

1. Soft sell. You can use this method in almost any type of content you send. For example, when you send a “how to” or tips article, you can include a recommendation and a link for a specific product. This is called a soft sell because you’re not aggressively pushing a product. Instead, you’re recommending it, much the same way a friend would recommend that you read a particular book or go eat at a new restaurant. Plus you are giving them something by way of quality information.

Indeed, if you build up a good relationship with your subscribers, then they probably won’t even recognize soft selling as a promotion. Instead, they’ll look at you as a helpful friend who’s helping them with their problems.

2. Hard sell. This is where the entire point of the content is to convince the reader to purchase the product.

Writing the Hard Sell

Before you write a hard sell, you need to know the goal of your newsletter. Is it to:

  • Pre-sell the product?This is where you outline the main benefits of the product, tell your readers why you recommend it, and then tell them to click through to a sales page to learn more. Then you allow the vendor’s sales page to close the sale.

Because you’re not closing the sale yourself, your pre-sell doesn’t have to be very long. All you have to do is get the prospect sufficiently interested enough in the product to click through to the sales page. If the sales page is strong (high-converting), then the prospect will buy.

If you’ve built up a strong relationship with your subscribers, then you can pre-sell the prospect on purchasing the product even if the product sales page isn’t particularly strong. In other words, your subscribers will buy based largely on your recommendation.

  • Directly sell the product?The second way to create a hard sell is to directly sell the product. That means that the prospect is 100% sold on purchasing the product before they even see the sales page. Indeed, if the sales page is weak, in some cases you may create your own hard-sell sales page and then link directly to an order page from this sales page (where applicable, as this isn’t always possible).

Because you’re selling the product rather than depending on a sales page to close the sale, this hard sell tends to be longer – usually several pages. That’s because you need to have enough time to build interest in the product, show the benefits, and create a call to action.

No matter what your goal is in sending a hard sell promotion to your subscribers, you need to essentially create a sales letter. It might just be a short-ad or mini sales letter for a pre-sell. It might be a full-length sales letter for a direct sell. But in all case, your letter should include:

  • An attention-getting headline.
  • An opener that connects emotionally with the prospect.
  • Introducing the product as the solution to the prospect’s pain.
  • A bulleted list of benefits.
  • Proof of your claims.
  • A call to action, where you tell the prospect to buy the product.

Writing a Sales Letter is not too difficult if you use your imagination.Essentially write as if you are the recipient and not the author and when you read it back see if would persuade you to buy the product. If it does, edit it for your list and if not you should re-write it until it does.

Try it because it really does work.

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