Seasonal Email Marketing Tips For Your Business


Email marketing is an effective and relatively simple way of communicating with large groups of people. In terms of seasonal email campaigns, there are a few key tips which every email marketer should remember.

One of the key points in seasonal email marketing is timing. If we take Christmas as an example, then it’s best to kick-start your email campaign early, with September being the month a lot of Christmas emails are first sent out. This also applies to sales or special offers – you need to give your prospective customers time to act on the email before the sale is over. As regards the best time in the day to send emails, record your response rate by time to gain an idea of when your customers are most likely to respond. Multivariant testing is the best way of determining when your customers will respond best to your emails and newsletters.

Frequency of emails
While it’s important to get your message across, don’t bombard customers with emails or newsletters. If they have subscribed to a monthly newsletter, for example, make sure it is just that, monthly! A new sale coming up does not give you an excuse to send out emails every second day to sell your products. If nothing else, this can be extremely annoying for users and often encourage them to unsubscribe to your newsletter.

Consider your audience
Remembering your audience is vital for any email marketing campaign. Think about whether your audience will actually be interested in the event or season you are promoting. Seasonal, of course, does not just include times of year like Christmas, Easter, Summer. Events such as sales, a Fashion Week or even the Olympics are also the focus of many campaigns. For example, if your audience is mainly middle aged women, a campaign focussing on the new range of football shoes in time for the Olympics probably won’t be very effective. Try to send out something your audience will actually want. Testing and recording how well a specific email subject matter was received by a particular audience is the only way to determine this.

Competitions are a great method of capturing and simultaneously segmenting data. Use email marketing to offer your customers a prize, for example an item of clothing not yet in the shops, if you are a retailer, or a London 2012 t-shirt if your campaign focusses on the Olympics, in order to encourage customers to enter their details. This will help you specify audiences better in the future, as you can determine which customers are interested in which competitions etc.

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