Search Engines Need to Stop Pandering to the Left and Stop Propagating the Political Divide Online


One thing online companies cannot due is alienate their users. I think Marissa Mayer (CEO Yahoo) knows this quite well, and I bet at this point Google is sorry to have seen her go. Speaking of Google; is Google walking the talk when it comes to the user experience? Perhaps they want to, but maybe they’ve fallen a bit short, or not – let’s talk.

There was an interesting piece in the San Jose Mercury News ‘Silicon Beat’ section published on January 24, 2014 titled; “Google’s looking for more friends across the political spectrum,” which discussed a new mission set forth by Google to lead the trend to engaged the right-wing of our nation’s political persuasion. And being a massively prolific online article writer, often on political hot topics, I have my own take on all of this, so here is my monologue.

I believe a good number of conservatives feel burned by Google and probably don’t trust the search engine much anymore – thus, probably are very wary about participating more on social networks and perhaps see all this as almost a ploy now after all the de-ranking of conservative content online, plus now we see as soon as you post a conservative message on Google+ all of a sudden an Artificial Intelligent comment bot comes to play on the discussion thread.

If not we see something more representative of a Fusion Center employee of the Dark Web attempting to coax some sort of hate speech from the commenters. Or, we find a socialist, left-leaning troll trying to twist your words, belittle you, and then attempt to control the narrative. Sorry Google, you have to prove your worth to conservatives, otherwise this message just looks like a lot of BS to them.

Look, here is the deal; people know when they’ve been treated wrong, it’s obvious, and it needs to stop – for real – not just for media sound bites to attempt to increase participation or help the intelligence gathering of a socialist regime – there is NO Honor in the hate speech towards Republicans, Tea Party, Conservatives, the angry attacks calling right leaning folks “racists’ and a host of other nonsense.

Google and others need to understand that the whole socialist world is falling apart, that history shows socialism not to work – and Google needs to get its butt on the right side of history. Think about it, I have, and I can back up every word here today – as always. If Google really wants to ‘do no harm’ it needs to have all of its employees look in the mirror and ask themselves: are we really living up to that ideal? The answer is NO, no Google isn’t. It’s the corporate culture they’ve built. It’s time to fix this. Friendship must be earned, just as respect must. Please consider all this and think on it.

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