Search Engines: If AdWords Is on the Podium


For some time now, the results in the indexes of search engines are backed by the famous sponsored ads: the search engine Google AdWords are those belonging to the circuit, the pay per click of the American colossus. The area right of the search results page as “organic” or “pure”, is usually intended for viewing these ads. The strength of these ads is the relevance of ads compared to searches by users. So far so good except that the ads have started to gain the top of the page, on top of organic results. Anyone take a look at any heat map on the users’ browsing sites (eyetracking) would realize that this simple move has brought a significant increase in clicks on AdWords ads at the expense of the natural results that are at the top of the standings. The user, more and more lazy, has a higher propensity to click on ads at the top, those of AdWords, whose background is so transparent as to be confused with the natural results of Google. But there’s more.

Always aiming at the complete satisfaction of users, Google has inserted within the pages of the famous maps of the results, which should assist you in your search. This phenomenon is common in tourism. The maps have a very useful indeed, but they are often placed in a position not quite correct, that is, between sponsored results and organic ones, creating a significant visual gap and creating a kind of podium at the front dominated by AdWords and well insulated the top index. The eye of the user, once the page opens, falls frequently on this portion of the page, that of AdWords, clicked most frequently, fill the pockets of Google and, in all likelihood, even those of advertisers.

All this translates into a shift of activities related to promotion search engine placement for keywords classic in promotional activities through pay per click campaigns. If user behavior on the one hand, and Google’s other policies will be more and more towards this direction of differentiation in terms of preference, the SEO will suffer a substantial decline, leaving room for a web marketing activities directed solely to pay per click. The charm of the fight for first place through actions of SEO, link building, article marketing and social networks may, in future, hopefully as far as possible, will give way to those who will be able to do the best deals of the moment.

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