Search Engine Optimization – How To Pull in More Potential Customers To Websites


A sizable number of people may pass by the store every minute and few may admire what is displayed in the showcase, but even then you will hardly see one or two persons actually take the effort to step in pushing through that door. Maybe the person had just out of curiosity or perhaps for a different reason altogether other than showing any interest in buying whats on display, had entered to make an irrelevant inquiry.

Well the same is very true for websites too. Websites are stores in the virtual eCommerce marketplace. Hardly a visitor may show up at your website for days altogether. Maybe you spend to advertise even then the response could be lukewarm. So what’s the solution, well its SEO or Search Engine Optimization. That’s the answer.

Now you may wonder what is this SEO is all about. Although it is quite a common term in the internet marketing parlance, nevertheless for the records it means Search Engine Optimization. You may now ask what search engine has got to do with your website or blog that you maintain?

The answer is it is the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, that is the gateway through which all search enquiries are made and accordingly the search engine algorithm are hard at work to display a long list of websites that may exceed as much as 10,000 or more.

Now how do you really find the needle in the haystack. It is this algorithm that has been so programmed that the search engine display the best amongst the lot on the first page followed by other pages in accordance to its importance as per the search engine algorithm.

This algorithm is totally secret and the public has no access to it, otherwise websites with lot of money would simply be able to cheat the system and keep displaying over and over again for the same inquiry made through search engines. This is not what the search engines such as Google actually wants. After all they too are in business and they want to provide the best services to its visitors and in turn get better revenue through advertisements.

However there are certain basic criteria that needs to be taken care of for better search results for a website. The first is to look for keywords that are relevant to the content and products mentioned inside the website. Now if you make a keyword research you will be dismayed to see such a lot of competition for each keywords. The best way is to find that which has good search inquiries and fewer display of websites as result. It is here you may try to make your websites presence felt. You can tweak your website in such a manner that it easily surpassses rest of the competition.

Moreover as per Google, the more backlinks you have from those websites that are already heavyweight, meaning those with high popularity search engine ratings (read Google ratings), the better will be its chance to gain some of its popularity to your website too. So more back links your website have from heavyweight websites the better will be its status and in no time show up on the first page itself, for that particular keyword search which has very little competition at all.

Now you may wonder that it’s all piece of cake and complete walkover, but it’s actually very difficult to find a list of those keywords that has not been adequately catered to by other websites and you can make your mark as a website to reckon with.

This is just the tip of the iceberg since no one really knows what makes a website truly popular amongst search engines. Moreover search engines keep changing their algorithm frequently so that it can pull in more and better websites for display for each particular keyword or keyphrase visitors use to hunt for a particular information, product or service, say for example Domain flipping.

Domain flipping is a good niche product as its highly profitable, and you may begin your internet marketing and search engine optimization to sell domain names at high premium after you buy domain names for less than $10 and then increase its search engine popularity to such an extent that there is a good demand from buyers and bidders to pay a fortune. This is much like a store that sells its Goodwill at a premium more than the tangible assets it holds.

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