Search Engine Optimization For Attorneys – Does It Work?


There are now a lot of companies on the scene selling Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for attorneys. Search engine optimization is defined as taking the action to have your website show up on the front of different search engines when someone does a search using related keywords.

When done properly, search engine optimization works really well but I’ve noticed a lot of the companies that offer this as a service forget about the driving force behind SEO. The fact that content that educates and informs the person searching is what allows SEO to work properly.

If you’re an attorney and you offer good content for prospective clients in your local area, search engine optimization is a great way to bring in new leads and clients. The good thing about the legal field is that there is plenty of content that a prospect wants to know about a legal issue they might be having!

Take for an example, divorce. As a local attorney it is very likely that someone in your area is using the internet to search for divorce related information. If you are publishing fresh unique information about divorce issues on your blog or website you are one step closer to getting new clients for your practice.

The idea is to create content/information that someone is likely to search for using keywords. So for instance its likely a searcher would type in “In a divorce how the judge determines who gets custody of the kids”. Your goal with search engine optimization is to create content with that search as the title of your webpage or article and have the engines pickup your webpage.

When the searcher goes looking for this information they find your article as the attorney that published it and you begin to build a trusting relationship. The more content you have published on your website the more leads and prospective new clients you will be able to attract.

One good way to come up with content is to think about some frequently asked questions you normally get from your clients. If your existing clients ask similar questions, then chances are other people searching the internet also want to know the answer to those questions as well.

Its also important to have a call-to-action on the webpage with your content.

Your call-to-action tells your prospect what to do after reading your article online. A good example would be; “call xxx-xxx-xxxx for a free legal consultation today”. This is how to turn a website searcher into an inbound phone lead for your legal practice.

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