Search Engine Marketing Tips: How to Maintain Your Opt-In List


Another dynamic element when integrating search engine marketing with email campaigns is to clean up your list and maintain it. A clean list will give you optimal campaign performance. One way businesses are learning more about online marketing is through social media marketing training.

Conversely, using too many unsolicited email addresses only comes back to hurt your company and deliverability, as well as your company’s sender reputation. Marketers waste in excess of $140 million annually on email messages that never reach their targets due, in part, to poor list hygiene. That’s a lot of waste.

List hygiene is the practice of proactively and systematically cleaning out bad email addresses on a regular basis. Bad email addresses can start showing up on your list for a variety of reasons – people change jobs or move so their email address is no longer valid, or messages bounce because the email address is misspelled. You should remove these right away. Reputable email service providers can help you with list maintenance by identifying email addresses associated with bounced emails and unsubscribe requests.

Additionally, I recommend that you periodically look through your opt-in list to determine your click-throughs, open rate, who has and has not opened emails and how many broken links or bad email addresses you have. This is a prime area for testing. Send subscribers in this category an email with a compelling offer to re-engage with you. Another strategy is to change how often you send out emails. This is an area you can continually test, test, and retest (but be sure to stay within the frequency that you promised when they opted in). If there is still no response, you should remove them. It’s always better to have a smaller list of receptive subscribers than a big list of people who are not engaging with your company.

If you are out to generate an increased number of leads and develop an increased online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about integrating social network marketing strategies.

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