Search Engine Marketing Tips: How to Grow Your Permission-Based List


The number one way to grow your social network and email marketing list using the resources you have today is to be where your target audience is. So find out where your target audience is spending time, establish a presence there and create a compelling reason for them to opt in to receive emails from you. One way businesses are learning more about online marketing is through social media marketing training.

A good way to start is to list all of the touch points you currently have with customers and prospects. This list can include everything from advertising to events and social networking hangouts, to point-of-sale locations. List every place your target audience is exposed to your company – then begin systematically inserting a reason for them to opt in to ongoing email communication from your company.

Your company website is your most important touch point. Using your Web analytics, identify which pages are most visited, including checkout pages and confirmation pages, and add a simple opt-in option right there. Don’t forget to add a prominent offer to your home page as well.

Next, review your offline touch points. Add an opt-in offer anywhere your customers or prospects come into contact with your brand – postal mail, coupons, advertising, store receipts, shopping bags, invoices in shipped packages, statements, web pages and more. The point is to create list growth using all the opportunities you have to reach potential subscribers.

Another low-cost, high-impact way to reach more members of your target audience is through social media services. Social media marketing services includes everything from niche blogs hosted by industry experts to the bigger guns: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Find out which social networking sites have the most opportunity for your business and then establish a presence on the top two or three sites. Then, start posting relevant and remarkable content that is valuable or interesting to your target audience – for instance, free information, questions to develop online dialogue and links to interesting articles on your site. When people visit these areas, make sure your opt-in link and call to action is prominently displayed.

If you are out to generate an increased number of leads and develop an increased online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about integrating social network marketing strategies.

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