Search Engine Marketing And Article Marketing Combined


In the advent of the internet era, product marketing has entered a new age of presentation, strategies, and experiences and we are just now currently getting the feel of what search engine marketing is all about. Before, when people want to search, they just automatically use any of the three major search engines, type in a word which they think would best describe what they are looking, and voila!, a whole list pops up on the screen and then they click the first link that they fancy.

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware and growing to be quite interested on how to be on top of the search engine results page to attain the same number of clicks those links get. Traditional advertisers have now realized the power the search engine yields and many are now delving deeper into the advantages and perils of SEM.

Realizing that traditional methods in advertising alone would not draw out the much needed amount of sales a marketer wants to achieve (local newspaper and billboard ads, networking via word of mouth advertising and flyer distribution, and the like), a lot have turned to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and other social hubs where huge throngs of people gather, in order to reach a great number with relative ease and speed. In fact, one would obviously touch base with more people if they utilizes these online sites than trying to strike up a conversation with each individual they meets, and these sites have made it abundantly easier to target the specific type of people an advertiser wants to hit.

And in order to catch these people’s attention is to write blogs and articles and utilize the SEO strategies to maximize your content’s exposure online. Article marketing, which is what you are about to do, and SEM, are about to work hand in hand to bring in the most number of visitors that you would want to have in order to better promote your products or services.

One of the many gains in combining article marketing and search engine marketing is that it is fast since creating an interesting article takes at the most two days which means you are going live just after a short preparation time. Second, both methods are cost efficient, in fact they are absolutely free, unless you used some paid soft wares to hasten your job, and they are mutually efficient.

The reason why it is efficient is that compared to local advertising like for instance in the dailies, with search engine marketing and article writing, you reach a wider market and a more targeted demographics. At the same time, if you perform your article marketing properly, you might just see your site on the front page of the search engine results section.

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