Review of Volusion Ecommerce Software Solution


This article is intended to give a review of Volusion, an ecommerce web development provider known for offering an easy and affordable way for merchants to sell products online. Volusion is founded by Kevin Sproles in 1999. His mission is to help businesses launch their online stores with less hassle at a reasonable price. Since they have been operating for more than 10 years, expect only the best from Volusion’s ecommerce experts. Volusion provides different ecommerce services to fully help merchants set up functional online businesses. Their services include web design, credit card processing, marketing, provide SSL certificates, and domain name registration.

Ecommerce web design is a critical element to the success of an online store. Volusion is fully aware of this, that is why they only create the most functional and unique web design for ecommerce sites. Merchants may choose to use ready-made templates or they can request for customization of the web design depending on their needs. Customized web designs by Volusion start at $1295. If merchants want to save on the initial investment, they may opt to use the templates already provided which all have a professional and clean look. Merchants may also choose to use premium templates on their ecommerce sites, making it look more sleek and polished. There are several premium templates designed for Volusion stores only. This guarantees that an ecommerce website would not have the same web design as other online stores. Premium template designs start at $195. Volusion templates were designed by top of the line web designers so expect the best.

Volusion provides credit card processing systems and payment gateway solutions that allow ecommerce websites to accept credit card payments. All major credit card companies are covered and there are no setup fees. Volusion stores accept payments made with VISA or MasterCard and the amount is automatically debited or credited as per transaction. This feature comes with the Volusion service without setup fees or leasing charges. Volusion meets PCI card guidelines which guarantees secured payment transactions. SSL certificates that uses industry standard 128-bit encryption also secures payment information. Due to this, sellers will be able to boost customer confidence when shopping online. Other services offered by Volusion include providing domain names to ecommerce sites, marketing tools to help maximize online presence and increased brand awareness, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising options, shopping feed management, and Facebook advertising. Merchants will also be able to view the progress of their online sales through site analytics and the conversion feature associated with their website. Hopefully, this review of Volusion will help online merchants decide to try out Volusion to experience an optimum ecommerce web development service.

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