Reasons Why You Should Be Building A List


In this article I want to talk about the real reasons why building a list is so important for your online business success. Without a list of people who are following your progress and interested in what you have to offer them you will struggle to fully understand the needs and demands in your particular niche.

Building a list enables you to have repeat contact with people who purchase from you in the first place. This then enables you to build up a relationship with customers in a consistent way.

As your list of subscribers build a stronger relationship with you and their trust in you grows they will be far more likely to purchase from you again. You will then have a list of repeat customers for the future.

Without a list you reply only on people coming to your website or offer that they visit by change on the internet. They may visit once and never again.

If this happens you have then lost the opportunity of building a relationship with them so that they grow to like your brand (i.e you!) and then become repeat visitors.

Think about the times when you purchase something online. Would you buy from a site that you didn’t trust? Would you part with money to someone you really didn’t know?

When someone makes a purchase online they demonstrate some level of trust – therefore if someone doesn’t trust you enough to give you their email address they will not trust you enough to purchase from you and part with their money in the future!

People purchase something when they trust you. As part of your online business plan you should be aiming to offer high priced products and ultimately coaching programs.

These are obviously a lot more expensive and require a higher level of trust and a deeper relationship to be developed before you can even offer it.

The most important reason you should have a list is that your subscribers will be the very people that let you know what products you should be creating! If you find out what their needs are and then create a solution to those needs and deliver it to them then your sales rate will be much higher than just relying on your own market research online.

Since your list have built up a relationship with you, if you are the person to offer a product that meets their needs they will be far more likely to make that purchase from you rather than someone else.

Can you see why building a list is so important for your online business success?

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