Real Estate Agents – eNewsletters Should Not Be Confused With eBrochures or Buyer Alerts!


Buyer alerts are important in keeping buyers up to date, but your eMarketing shouldn’t stop there!

Buyer alerts only service one part of your market. Remember, buyers are only in the market for a short period of time before they purchase or stop looking.

  • What about potential sellers?
  • What about past clients?
  • What about past appraisals?
  • What about landlords, current and prospective?
  • What about family, friends and referral networks?

The groups listed above are very important as they are your revenue source, the place where you get new listings and managements.

How do you plan to stay in touch with them?

Below is a simple, 1 step contact plan for groups of contact who are not buyers.

Step 1. Send to all contacts a fortnightly eNewsletter including:

  • local news which impacts property prices (developments, road and rail improvements etc)
  • recent sale successes
  • Downloadable Free Current Market Appraisal Reports
  • Recipes, household tips, horoscopes, entertainment news, etc
  • Office updates including new staff, awards won or staff who have been married or had children
  • Agent Video profiles
  • Client Testimonials
  • Consumer Fact sheets including topics such as “Selling A Property”, “Buying a Property”, “Managing a Property” and “Renting a Property”.
  • eBooks and eMagazines

Tip: Try to engage your customers with more that just properties.

Are you concerned about too many Unsubscribes from your mail outs?

No-one likes unsubscribes, but if all you are sending is properties, then I can understand why certain people unsubscribe.

Many buyers in your list have left the market and are no longer interested in properties for sale, so it is essential that you send good quality information to ensure those buyers want to stay on your email list.

Try to categorize your contact list group so once a person is no longer a buyer, they are moved into a general or property owner group. Some groups to consider creating include:

  • Past Buyers
  • Past Sellers
  • Landlords
  • Potential Sellers
  • Potential Landlords
  • Buyers
  • Tenants
  • Investors
  • Family & Friends
  • Referral / Networking Groups
  • Other Agents

Once your groups are categorized you can implement specific campaigns to each group. Past sellers, past clients and landlords may receive a general monthly update. Potential sellers may receive a fortnightly update including recent sales in their area.

The possibilities are endless and new ideas will come to mind once you have setup your contact lists into groups. Sending of campaigns becomes easier and your results will improve dramatically by sending targeted information.

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