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You can easily recognize a successful website, it has many features but the most common one is the number of visitors displayed on the visitor board.

You can do everything to bring up your site to a standard but unless you have the visitor numbers; your site will not be considered as successful or profitable. Digital marketing is one method to raise your site’s visibility and it is a sound investment for the future of your site.

One needs to strategize on a good online marketing plan that fits the objective and theme of a site. Generating content that search engine optimized (SEO) is essential for every commerce site as it gives you a good search engine ranking and placement on the results page. Active involvement in social networking delivers a message to the general public and encourages visitors to your site. When you drop tidbits and information about your site, you give others the impression that your site has something to offer. Other options include affiliate marketing, pay per click (PPC) and email marketing programs.

These efforts will bring visitors to the site but to build a list of regulars who are willing to subscribe to newsletters or partake in conversions; your site needs to inspire trust.

A few trust symbols, provided by third-parties, will reassure visitors of your reputation and that you are a legitimate business. The rate of conversions has been known to increase for sites with identifiable signs of authenticity.

  • Security Labels: A third-party verifies that your check-out procedure is secure and there will no problems faced by customers choosing to deal with you. Security badges are easy to purchase from companies like Verisign, provided you pass their testing. You can display the badges on the relevant pages to reassure customers that their personal data is safe.
  • Customer logos: Acquire the logos of high-profile clients to place on your site, to show off the confidence entrusted by reputable customers.
  • Testimonials: Well written testimonials are a persuasive means of speaking to potential customer on the good qualities of your product. However, your testimonial site should have a balance of good and bad comments to be viewed as unbiased and credible.
  • Awards: If you have won awards from a third-party competition, then they should be loaded onto the site.
  • Certificates: In many areas like in service, consulting, sales and technical, there has to be proof that you can be trusted to perform according to standards in that field.
  • Transparent policies: All your policies should be clearly stated for the visitor’s convenience. It validates your assertion that your site is reliable and with no deceptive intentions. Areas where clarity is a must are your company’s policies in terms of privacy, return or refund, subscriptions, and ever cancellation fees.
  • Free Trial: Giving potential customers the option of trying out your product indicates that your confidence in the quality and functionality of the product.

If you can prove quality, you will definitely attract quantity!

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