Quick Introduction to Keyword Research


Keyword research is essential to search engine marketing. It is the language used to communicate between a website and the search engine crawlers. Without the right keywords presented on your website the search engines do not know what your site is about and cannot give the right searchers a link to your website.

How well you understand keyword research and how much time you spend actually working the process will determine how well your websites are able to speak on your behalf to the search engines.

You cannot call Google up and give them a sales pitch about your website and search engine spiders do not respond to email. They only communicate with keywords through the content presented to the world.

Put all this together and you realize that businesses interested in online marketing success must embrace keyword research. They must learn to communicate with the search engines in the only manner allowed or they will never reach the level of success they rightfully deserve.

Even the best websites will fail without a firm understanding of keyword research, so use the following tips to get ahead:

• Short one-word keywords are going to be extremely competitive while longer keyword phrases can be much less competitive. Use both to bring maximum traffic to your website.

• Don’t assume that a keyword research tool that you have to pay for is always better than one offered for free. There are some really poor tools that require you to pay while some of the best are offered free. Do some research and comparisons rather than just assuming based on price.

• Don’t just look for keywords that get hundreds of thousands of searches every month. Remember that those with the heaviest number of searches will also come with the heaviest amount of competition. High competition means more money out of your pocket to dominate and be successful.

• Keyword terms with lower amounts of searches each month can be more profitable than those that get substantially more searches. It is all about what it takes beat out the competition and rank high for the keywords.

• Maintain a keyword list that includes all potential keywords for your website or niche. You never know when you will need different keywords.

• Update your keyword list continually. Keyword research is not something you do once and forget about. You will continually find new words to add to the list while taking off those that do not live up to expectations during tests.

• The more specific your keyword is, the more you know about your searcher. For instance, someone searching for “buy new car” is obviously someone with the financial ability to buy a new car so you know more about them than someone just searching for “car.”

• You can combine keyword search terms with a geographical location to get keywords optimized for your location. This is great for brick and mortar businesses trying to establish an online presence.

Those tips will help you get started with keyword research, but there is still a lot more to learn. As you start using a tool and looking around at different keyword lists you will start to see which ones have the chance of becoming the most successful for your website.

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