Public Email Addresses and the Effect It Has on Your Business


Your business cards look professional and your web-site looks professional so why it is that so many businesses these days are still using a public email address? Being sent an email from a public email address such as Gmail, Hotmail and many other public email accounts from a business looks really unprofessional and kind of amateur, you may even possibly risk the loss of potential clientele just by simply giving them your card with your public email address on it.

So why go through all the effort of setting up the above just to be let down by something as simple as an email-address, If you already have web hosting getting your very own personal email has never really been easier or simple, furthermore most hosts allow you to have an unlimited number of email addresses that specifically use your own domain name, also known as a “Non-Specific Email Address”.

While the look of an email address should not ever really proven to be a problem, and most of the time will go unnoticed but if it’s something globally known such as Hotmail, Gmail and others those popular words are instantly noticed on your business card, website etc, for reasons somewhat unknown this potentially deters possible business prospects.

If you are one of the clueless unsuspecting victims that has succumb to this “unintended mishap”, getting a non-specific email address could be as simple as calling your IT guy and having him set up one for you or as many as you see fit, however this process can easily be learnt by having a look in the cPanel provided by your webhost under “Email Accounts”. If your webhost does not use cPanel, They probably use some other 3rd party software with less capabilities, it is highly recommend you switch hosts as I imagine you would be missing out on a lot of functionality and control over your website.

You can easily find cheap webhosting by simply using Google to search that very term “cheap hosting”. From there it is just finding the one best suited for you. Be aware of reseller accounts, as they naturally charge more than what it is actually worth in order to generate revenue, shop around a bit before choosing to purchase your web host.

It is important that you portray your business as professional as possible, no matter what regard its in.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article and I hope that it has been in some way informative.

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