Proven Steps To More Effective Email Marketing


If you’re not seeing the results you want with email marketing, then it may be necessary to start from the beginning and analyze your approach. This article will delve into a few list marketing areas that you may need to address after reading.

There is nothing more annoying than subscribing to a list and discovering you have to jump through hoops if you want to ever leave it. Attrition from email lists is totally normal for any email marketer, so just give them a link to do it and never worry about it. As you know, the usual procedure involves just a couple of clicks and is automated.

There will be lots of unknown reasons why people will want to unsubscribe. There are many ethical and acceptable ways to increase the stick rate of your subscribers, which is why you should ensure that you’re taking the right approach towards it.

If you do not have any tell-tale sign that you are the creator of your site, then we would urge you to do something about that. So in order to build this trust and the bonding you share with your list, add an offline point of contact that could be your physical address and your phone number. You never know who may choose to call you or even why, but it may happen. People these days are very careful about who they deal with through email, because of the growing amounts of spam mail hitting inboxes.

Another excellent suggestion we will offer is giving more control to your email list, and by that we mean let them just hit reply and be able to mail back to you.

Even if you take the strictest measures to make sure that you don’t end up in the spam/junk folder of your subscribers, chances are that it might happen. Remember that many people work best when they are told what to do, and that is why actively directing subscribers to white-list your email address is important. This is not always an issue as the larger autoresponder services have already made sure that the larger ISPs have white-listed their emails. Since all you have to do is make the page once, then we think it is worth it. Even if it helps a little bit, then the effort will be worth it.

If we analyze the points that we discussed above, it’s easy to conclude that improving your email marketing results isn’t really rocket science, but it’s about applying a number of proven steps over a period of time.

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