Profitable Email Subject Lines – 3 Quick Tips for Prospect Pulling Subject Lines (No ZZZZZs Allowed)


Email subject lines determine whether or not your email gets opened. So you want to spend more that passing attention to how you craft them, if you want more prospects that is.

Most people spend the least time possible on this crucial part of email marketing. This is just another case of the importance of not doing what most people do, because most people are broke. And lack of creativity with this is one of the reasons.

So here are 3 quick tips for creating subject lines that get your emails opened.

3 Quick Subject Line Tips

Tip #1 – Avoid, at all costs, the same old same old boring subject lines. Most of these cause your prospect to yawn at best and to delete your email at worst.

Here’s an example of a very boring one often seen: “New Resources Available for You” – ZZZZ

Write your subject line, leave it alone for awhile, and then come back to it later. If it does not make you think “Wow, even I want to open that email” then you have some more work to do. Show your it to other folks, and if it does not get them excited, you have some more work to do.

Tip #2 – Have some fun with this, and get creative. Think “what would make me open this email?” Frank Kern uses this one often: “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!” And I really like this one that Mark Hendricks uses: “Only for those who open my email.”

Hard to turn either of those down – they become “must open emails.”

Take a look at your subject lines and consider how you can have some fun with them, and make them irresistible and have-to-open.

Tip #3 – Keep a “swipe file” – You get email, I get email, all God’s children get emails. Pay attention to the ones your delete right away, and ask yourself why. In many cases you will find that the emails you delete have boring subject lines.

And pay attention to the emails you get that make you want to open them right away. Keep a swipe file of those email subject lines that you can pull out when you are writing your emails. Find the ones that were irresistible to you, and then adapt them accordingly for your email subject lines.

Make boring ZZZZ subject the unforgivable sin in your email marketing.

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