Profitable Email Marketing For Your Internet Business


Email marketing can be profitable as well as very effective for getting the word out about your Internet business. It is also an amazingly effective method to create interest in your new products or service as well as stay in contact with your customers subscribed to your active email list. In this article you will discover information on how to build an email list also what is the best type of content you should be using to do it.

Proper Email Subscription Form Placement

People will need to see your subscription form to sign up for your newsletter. You can place a link to your subscription form in your menu or better yet place the form directly on your web site where it can be easily found. Remind your visitors about your newsletter via social network sites. Get a lot more individuals to sign up to your newsletter, tell visitors about a discount you just gave to the people on your email list, follow-up with a link to where they can sign up to your newsletter to get access to more exclusive offers. Place a subscription box in one even two places on your website home page to make it easy for visitors to quickly give you their names and email address.

The reason for this is if you place your subscription form or link only at the bottom of your page where no one can see it your visitors will not sign up. In fact it’s a good idea is to try different locations on your web site keeping track of how many sign ups you get at the different opt-in form placements. Not only should you place a opt-in link on the sales page where customers can order your product or service also include a similar link in the thank you email you send them after purchase. People who make a purchase from you are usually interested in getting more information about your products or service.

Putting a opt-in link or form on multiple pages of your web site is also an effective practice. This way the page with your subscription form or link has a better chance of being indexed in the search engine results. A particular page of your web site may have a lot of backlinks driving traffic to it. Many of your visitors will only sign up if they come across your form multiple times. For example, an individual who sees your homepage may only be convinced to opt-in for your newsletter after they read a review of your product or service.

Email Your Newsletter

Social networks updates is another excellent opportunity to mention your newsletter. Include a link to your opt-in page in your profiles, and tell of the special offers, discounts, and special content exclusive to the subscribers to your email list. This may be something that you are already doing, if so try different discounts on your email list.

The content of your news letter is very important. It is very important to send out links to your best articles of the week or month making sure the content is exclusive, new, and relevant. Prepare new articles for your email list, add a limited time offer whenever you send a mass email broadcast. Don’t forget to use the appropriate email software to monitor how many emails were opened and which links were clicked. This is an effective and efficient method of finding out what content really interest your readers.

Use the tips above and give it some time. You will be able to build a good active opt-in list if you do this method properly.

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