Professional Shopping Cart Features Every Webstore Should Have


eCommerce providers promise all sorts of things with their professional shopping cart software. But the truth is, there are no guarantees. You still need to work on the basic 4P’s of marketing in order for your online store to succeed. However, with a feature packed eCommerce solution backing your store, building a successful store is not as difficult as many might think.

Speaking of the 4P’s of marketing, a professional shopping cart represents the ‘Place’ where you sell your products. From your customers’ point of view, it is the place where they will consider spending their money. Therefore, we shall look at features every online store could do with which will improve user experience and help customers feel comfortable when shopping at your store.

Attractive Yet Appropriate Free Templates
It is not uncommon to find eCommerce software bundled with lots of free goodies like free eCommerce templates. However, it is very important to select a template which suits the feel of your store.

For example, a store selling children’s products might use a colorful template. A store selling yoga related products might use a template which exudes calmness. Do not make the mistake of choosing a template just because it looks nice.

Many solutions allow you to tweak your template to a certain extent without the need for a custom job. However, there will come a point when you would need to differentiate your template from those using similar ones but there are affordable packages available for this purpose.

Free Chat Software
Free chat software is a fantastic tool to aid conversion. Most eCommerce stores are run by just one person. Therefore, the availability to chat in real-time is limited. However, whenever possible, you should make yourself available to chat with potential customers. This will enable you to address inquiries and concerns immediately while the customer is still in the ‘buying zone’ and drastically improve conversion rates.

Call-To-Action Elements
There are many subtle and direct call-to-action (CTA) elements in a feature loaded professional shopping cart software. CTA images, animations or text are needed to invite, persuade or give potential customers that little push to buy a product.

Examples of CTA elements are images on banners and content sliders. More subtle elements are countdown timers for On Sale or Cross Sell products which are offered at a special price post checkout for a very limited time. Count down timers create an urgency which could tip the balance in your favor.

One thing you have to remember when making use of CTA elements is to not get carried away with them. Too many CTA elements on a page is akin to having too many commercials during a TV show. It just gets plain irritating after a while. Pace your CTA elements well and make sure they do not from the task at hand.

Option To Checkout On One Page
I shop a lot online. For stores which I think I will be returning to often, I do not mind registering my details with them and subscribing to their newsletters. But for those which I think will be a one-off visit, I prefer to use a one-page checkout option.

I think a single-page checkout option should be offered to customers as some multi-page checkouts can go on forever. This quicker option has also been proven to reduce cart abandonment. The bottom line is that you get the sale and better user experience for your customer.

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