LinkedIn for Business | The 15% Conversion Rate Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy for B2B sales


NOTE: if you want to generate MORE SALES through LinkedIn, this book is for you!


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What's Included?

As a Marketing Consultant, I hear entrepreneurs saying “LinkedIn doesn’t work”. If you’re one of them, then this book is for you!

🎯 THEN, If you’re looking forward to hearing something NEW and that comes from REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, then you should get it NOW.


👉 Because inside you will learn my personal B2B LeadGen strategy that has allowed me to convert 15% of the people I contact with LinkedIn into potential customers!



➡ APPLYING THE 15% CONVERSION RATE LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY: I will explain to you in detail the strategy that I have personally developed to convert 15% of the people contacted into new leads with my LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate sales. I will provide you with the specific funnel that I have used, and a series of message templates that have helped me during these years.


✅ MAKING USE OF LINKEDIN ADS AND GROUPS TO GENERATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: I will guide you in creating successful LinkedIn ads campaigns and make the best use of your professional LinkedIn page and your LinkedIn group.


👩‍💼 POSITIONING YOURSELF AS THE INDUSTRY LEADER: I will guide you in attracting business opportunities passively through concrete LinkedIn for Business marketing skills


🤖 AUTOMATE YOUR LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY WITH ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION: I will explain to you how to use Robotic Process Automation to spend even less time in generating new business opportunities and ensure that you can focus on what is most important, that are, sales.


📌 IDENTIFYING YOUR IDEAL B2B CUSTOMER: I will help you identify who your ideal B2B customers are, to understand their behaviour and to use LinkedIn marketing to reach them effectively


🧲 USING THE STRAIGHT LINE METHODOLOGY TO SELL MORE: I will explain how to conclude more business negotiations through the Straight Line methodology invented by Jordan Belfort

Who's this book for?


This book is for all entrepreneurs who want to generate new business opportunities, people who realize that spending hours and hours calling a list of off-target contacts, today is an absolute waste of time, money and effort.


This book is for all those salesmen who look for new B2B high-quality leads without spending a fortune on advertising. In fact, we can count on tools (one of which is LinkedIn) through which you can get in touch with the right people at the right time for free.

Partnerships Seekers

This book is for all those companies who seek collaborators, partners and new investors for their brilliant ideas.

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“LinkedIn for Business” is designed for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, digital marketers, business development managers, and anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn marketing and lead generation efforts. It’s particularly beneficial for those seeking to establish industry leadership, generate high-quality B2B leads, and improve sales through strategic LinkedIn use.

This book stands out due to its practical, experience-based approach. It details a personal B2B LeadGen strategy that has proven to convert 15% of LinkedIn contacts into potential customers, along with a comprehensive guide on using LinkedIn Ads, Groups, and Robotic Process Automation for business growth. Its unique value lies in its actionable strategies, derived from real-life success.

While “LinkedIn for Business” delves into some advanced strategies like using Robotic Process Automation for lead generation, it’s written in an accessible manner. The book provides step-by-step guides, message templates, and detailed explanations to ensure readers can implement the strategies regardless of their technical background.

Absolutely. The book is structured to guide readers through fundamental concepts to more advanced strategies. It offers a solid foundation for beginners while providing deep insights for more experienced marketers looking to refine their approach and increase their conversion rates.

The strategies in “LinkedIn for Business” are based on the latest LinkedIn features and marketing trends. The book is designed to offer timeless advice on personal branding and lead generation while also incorporating the most current tools and tactics available on LinkedIn.

While the book itself is a comprehensive resource, readers are encouraged to join the MR Digital Marketing Agency’s online community for ongoing support, updates on LinkedIn marketing strategies, and networking opportunities with other professionals.

“LinkedIn for Business” provides a versatile framework that can be adapted to various industries. The book helps you identify your ideal B2B customers and tailor your messaging and strategy to meet the specific needs and behaviors of your target market, ensuring relevance across different sectors.

Yes, the book includes multiple case studies showcasing the successful application of its strategies across different industries and scenarios. These real-world examples provide practical insights and inspiration for readers to apply to their own LinkedIn marketing efforts.

While the primary focus of “LinkedIn for Business” is on B2B sales and marketing, many of the principles regarding personal branding, network building, and engagement can be beneficial for job seekers looking to enhance their LinkedIn presence and connect with potential employers.

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What Our Clients Say
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1000+ people use this Lead Generation book to power their sales with quality prospects.

"Reading 'LinkedIn for Business' was a pivotal moment for my startup. The 15% conversion rate strategy was not just a promise—it was a reality for us. Following the book's guidelines, we've significantly increased our B2B leads. This book is a goldmine for any entrepreneur ready to take their LinkedIn game to the next level."
Entrepreneur and Startup Founder
"As a sales director constantly on the hunt for efficient lead generation strategies, 'LinkedIn for Business' has been revolutionary. The Straight Line methodology section alone has transformed our sales approach, leading to a noticeable increase in deal closures. This book is the ultimate sales toolkit."
Sales Director
"The practical guidance on utilizing LinkedIn Ads and Groups to generate business opportunities has changed how we approach digital marketing. 'LinkedIn for Business' is comprehensive, insightful, and filled with actionable strategies that have directly impacted our bottom line."
Marketing Specialist
"For anyone looking to forge meaningful business partnerships, 'LinkedIn for Business' is a must-read. The book's insights into identifying and engaging potential collaborators have been instrumental in our recent partnership successes. It's an invaluable resource for partnership seekers."
Head of B2B Partnerships
"This book debunked all my preconceptions about LinkedIn's ineffectiveness for lead generation. Implementing the book’s lead generation strategy not only increased our leads by 15% but also positioned us as thought leaders in our industry. A game-changer for B2B businesses."
"As a consultant, I've recommended 'LinkedIn for Business' to all my clients. The section on robotic process automation for lead generation is a standout, offering a futuristic approach to sales and marketing. This book is a treasure trove of innovative strategies."
Freelance Marketing Consultant
"The methodologies and templates provided in 'LinkedIn for Business' have streamlined our outreach efforts, making our lead generation process more efficient and effective. The book is an essential read for anyone serious about leveraging LinkedIn for business growth."
Business Development Manager
"'LinkedIn for Business' was the breakthrough we needed. The book's strategies have not only enhanced our lead generation efforts but also helped us establish ourselves as industry leaders. It's a practical guide that delivers on its promises."
Co-founder of an EdTech Startup
"Finding innovative companies to invest in requires a solid strategy for networking and lead generation. 'LinkedIn for Business' has provided us with a framework to identify and connect with potential investment opportunities effectively. An invaluable resource for anyone in the investment field."
"This book is a deep dive into the world of LinkedIn marketing, offering a wealth of knowledge and tools that have empowered our marketing team. From ad campaigns to group management, 'LinkedIn for Business' has been instrumental in our strategy overhaul."
Marketing Manager at a SaaS Company
LinkedIn for Business | The 15% Conversion Rate Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy for B2B sales
What Our Clients Say
482 reviews