Free ebook to getting started in the world of marketing


Master marketing with our free ebook!

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This ebook consists of 7 completely free resources containing +40 pages and are crafted by marketing experts.


➑️ What exactly does this ebook contain?

+1 resource: From Visitor to Customer: Perfecting Your Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

+1 resource: Free SEO tools

+1 resource: Free SEM tools

+1 resource: The AIDA Model Explained: Your Essential Guide to Mastering Marketing

+1 resource: DAGMAR Model Unveiled: Your Comprehensive Guide to Effective Advertising

+1 resource: Perfect Fit: Your Essential Guide to Social Media Image and Video Sizes

+1 resource: Essential steps to create a digital marketing plan


All these explanations, ideas, tools, platforms, and concepts mentioned in each resource will help you gradually familiarize yourself with the world of marketing.


➑️ Who is this free bundle intended for?

  • Individuals who manage businesses or hold directorial roles, as learning about marketing is crucial for business growth and ensuring that money is being invested wisely.
  • Individuals interested in marketing who want to learn gradually.
  • Individuals who are clear about wanting to pursue a career in marketing, whether as freelancers or employees in an agency.


If I want to continue learning more, what can I do? We recommend that after acquiring this completely free bundle, you purchase the much more advanced level to continue growing in this field.


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