Buy Organic Keyword Targeted Web Traffic: 140+ Visitors/day for 29 days

✅ Website owner looking for Keyword Targeted Traffic? ⭐ With our Monthly plan, you can buy organic 140+ visitors per day web traffic at a fraction of the price for 29 days, boost your SERP, increase sales, pay less for CPC and have constant NON-bot traffic to your website.

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Organic Keyword Targeted Web Traffic

✅ Are you a Website /  E-commerce / Blog owner and you’re willing to buy organic web traffic?

⭐ Well, you’re at the right place!

➡ MR Digital Marketing Agency is a provider of organic web traffic traffic since 2017.

🎯 Throughout the years we’ve developed very strong relationships with well-known domain registrars and advertising companies so your website will be displayed on thousands of different domains without any limits giving you the best quality website visitors you can find at a fraction of the cost (compared to Google and Bing traffic, whose CPC is skyrocketing).

📌 NOTE: The web traffic to your URL/website will start within 24 hours or less since you place the order regardless the number of orders in queue: we can handle them!


🔥 Buy organic web traffic, you will get:

  • 140+ 140+ Website Visitors per day for 29 days
  • Real & high quality organic web traffic
  • 100% NO bots & NO fake visitors
  • 100% Direct traffic
  • NO China visitors
  • UNLIMITED TRAFFIC: You will receive constant visits for 29 DAYS (Minimum GUARANTEED VISITORS is at least 150 per day)
  • CPA, Affiliate, blogs, landing pages are welcomed
  • Visitors are fully trackable from Google Analytics
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • NO Rotators, Youtube videos, & adult.


👉 You might receive sales/opt-ins but they cannot be guaranteed. We cannot control visitors actions so please understand this before purchasing.

*A FREE tracking link will be provided with every order*


😎Use Cases. Buy organic web traffic

Website Promotion: Acquire visitors who are interested in your business at significantly reduced costs compared to traditional Google Ads while improving organic SEO rankings.

Affiliate Products: Use niche specific keywords to receive targeted customers at significantly reduced cost per acquisition as compared to CPC campaigns.

Marketing/SEO Agencies: Use our services to drive traffic to client sites, receive immediate results and improve off-page SEO

Additional information


➡ What details do I need to submit once I place the order?
I only need one URL that you want me to drive the traffic to and one keyword. In case you purchased additional gig extras you can submit multiple keywords according to the gig extras you ordered.

➡ Can you promote affiliate links, social media pages, ecommerce stores?
Of course, just place the order and I'll take care of them.

➡ Can you promote Adult Websites?
No, sorry, I can't help with Adult websites.

➡ Could this service negatively impact my website in any way?
No way, this service is meant to help and even increase your rankings.

➡ How many links can I submit per order?
Only one URL per order.

➡ Can you promote, Linkbucks, Adfocus, Youtube videos?
No, sorry, I can't help with that.

➡ Do you guarantee sales/clicks/conversions?
We'd love to guarantee that but unfortunately most factors that contribute to conversions are out of my control. They range from page load time to user interface. I do my best to drive the visitors but it's your website who must complete the sale. Keep in mind that I cannot control visitors actions.


150+ daily visitors for 29 days, 300+ daily visitors for 29 days, 450+ daily visitors for 29 days, 600+ daily visitors for 29 days, 750+ daily visitors for 29 days

75 reviews for Buy Organic Keyword Targeted Web Traffic: 140+ Visitors/day for 29 days

  1. perseomedusa

    thanks again …

  2. drdancer

    Great service from start to finish, highly recommend thanks

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    Good communications and delivered as described and promised. Will order again.

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    Great work thanks

  5. katechatz

    Good communication and delivery. Nice traffic to website

  6. sherieb258

    as promised as delivered

  7. carrietomaschko

    Great job!

  8. vladpro

    Look forward to good results!

  9. lsally

    Yes, I am greatly satisfied!

  10. samuel394

    A pleasure!

  11. suifeng

    Thanks for good work

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    Excellent seller

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    Always wonderful working with them, highly recommend thanks

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    Great experience!

  15. katechatz

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  16. gemini0611

    Outstanding! will order again.

  17. katechatz

    traffic sent as requested thanks

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  19. carrietomaschko

    Great work yet again

  20. vladpro

    Awesome real service proved by similar figures by google analytics. Thank you so much. I loved it.

  21. suifeng

    The communication is excellent, and so are the traffic numbers. In the SEO-plan some sites where my links were posted are not exactly “first class” (or at least wouldn’t be my first choice), but the results will only be visible once the “active traffic driving” has stopped, so I can’t really judge it right now. I will definitely use her services again.

  22. uniquedesignsby

    Everything exactly as advertised. Even better.

  23. tafadzwamwashae

    Well done

  24. four_dimensions


  25. johansenmila

    Awesome gig. Thank you.

  26. digiad

    Great at what they do, always ready to go extra mile, highly recommend thanks

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  28. mpwebs

    Thank you

  29. mikemike123

    Thank you for the great quality of the traffic!

  30. sherieb258

    Good service as described.

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    Great job. Thanks.

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    Good job, Thank you!

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    Excellent seller, will definitely order again after the revamp of my website. Thank You

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  39. omar_almudaries

    Very good service, will order again.

  40. shopoverhost

    Excellent professional: I received more than what was advertised in the gig. Great communication. Highly recommended!

  41. gemini0611

    Delivered as promised!

  42. graysonstarb768

    They did a great job! As advertised, with no issues. Will be ordering again

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  50. svanhvit0602

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    I’ve used their service several times now, always starts the gig quickly and does a good job.

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    Great seller. They provide the work then ask for a rating. Love it

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    Great gig

  69. magnus361

    Super fast delivery and steady traffic all month, thanks!

  70. lsally

    Always great service and delivery, highly recommend thanks

  71. marcus

  72. carrietomaschko

    this is my 18th time ordering from her ,her work is great

  73. lizferris2017

    Good communication and response

  74. coinsulter

    Thank You very much for Your service and hard work. Highly recommended

  75. samuel394

    Did what they described in gig! Excellent service and traffic 🙂

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