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🌍 If you are building an email subscriber list or intending to build one, a road block stopping you from taking action could be that you don’t know what to send to your subscribers once they optin to your mailing list.

👉 This gig will eliminate that concern from your mind.

You are receiving 52 emails on your Internet Marketing niche.

🎯 You can plug them into your Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, or any other email marketing service account, and you are ready to go.

They work great for building relationships with your followers on email. Add your own affiliate links.

143 reviews for 52 week email autoresponder series – Internet Marketing

  1. parkerova

    Happy with my purchase.

  2. mswebb711

    Good job … Thanks!

  3. snelbodyfit

    Good work

  4. dupio10

    This guy is so professional

  5. kgmanou

    Awesome! Thank you!

  6. oldtimer


  7. brightsky

    great to work with

  8. mrodriguezsv

    Gig was delivered quickly and is as described.

  9. fitdavid

    great delivery

  10. barrybiddle

    Articles are dated but seller provided useful info to get ideas from. Also provided value by adding an extra category, email headline ideas and useful software.

  11. biomedicine3075

    Delivered above and beyond the files ordered

  12. stacyestolas

    Very good. Got even more than what I ordered! Thanks a lot!

  13. h_leila_l

    Delivery fast thank you

  14. pernellturner


  15. ashseddeek570

    Great value for the price, thanks for all the bonuses! Really appreciated!

  16. gpctarq

    Great content!

  17. bigwayne

    Great, I received the order in a fast manner.

  18. stephanienchege

    Great Gig and thank you for the cool marketing tool 🙂

  19. johnstyles999

    Thank you! Very fast delivery and the product is great. I can highly recommend 🙂

  20. ryancragg459

    This was a great gig. Lightening fast and exceeded my expectations for quality.

  21. bigday

    great work and extras

  22. rhill45

    Overdelivered with bonuses. Thanl yoU!

  23. jdsol12

    good gig!

  24. m_marshall

    Wow! As always tropmaxim goes above and beyond to over deliver. Fantastic seller!

  25. jeffcassman

    Seller overdelivered and was a real pleasure to work with. I will definitely be using again.

  26. baresisllc

    Provide written emails and bonus as promised and fast. Thank you.

  27. unfadedglory25

    This service was kinda amazing. I received more than I payed. Definitely recommend it

  28. hotlipsen

    Excellent service – many thanks. Will be ready to roll with it shortly. Stay safe.

  29. bengalibob

    Exactly as described. Thanks!

  30. troysmith673

    awesome and fast

  31. marcoschall771

    Gig exactly as described plus awesome extras.
    Super fast.
    Highly recommended

  32. domesticmom

    This was my first time trying this seller, and my statement is: “I’ll Be Back”!

  33. dlaw123

    Seller went above my request and expectation!

  34. sinsheek

    amazing thank you very much!

  35. profitsparadise

    Order received with more than I expected. Really good product at first glance.

  36. reikiqueen

    Good Communication. Dedicated to providing extra value.

  37. denihad

    Great value with extra bonuses!!! thank you!

  38. bredni

    Awesome. I will for sure buy again and recommend.

  39. aescutia10

    Seller was very warm, friendly, helpful and delivered an entire series of amazing email content. I certainly recommend.

  40. the_pro_creator

    Great work!!!

  41. oneaccord2014

    Superb experience. Got more than expected, much more.
    I would highly recommend this seller!

  42. erfanmms

    Fast & easy delivery… the content is only ok, but solid for the price!

  43. osahdesigns

    thank you sir

  44. darrellhammond

    Seller delivered order very quickly and also went above and beyond on delivery…definitely worth the investment…

  45. jimbelanger

    Tropmaxim was great to work with and I look forward to working with him again!

  46. glenbrian

    Very quick service with more than requested being delivered promptly.

  47. airedesign

    Just what I needed – thank you

  48. lydianeo

    Very good thanks for the bonus

  49. frambam

    Lots of great ideas even if its not exactly what you want. Highly recommend this gig to anyone looking for inspiration to develop their autoresponder series.

  50. amrassad

    Very Quick Delivery
    Huge amounts of value
    Will Use again

  51. mivajoe

    Excellent work… speedy delivery

  52. missvee2019

    Thank you for the speedy service!

  53. terla9515

    I got just what I ordered…
    Seller was exceptionally kind.
    Thanks for the bonus!

  54. chrisbowe

    Phenomenal phenomenal seller has the correct information to what is needed. I definitely will be utilizing his services again. Thank you for your attention to detail. I know where to come to next time.

  55. fouedouber

    Delivered more than expected!

  56. emistoycheva

    Over delivered! Great gog! Thank your

  57. flixadvertising

    had the product within 3 hours.

  58. jacobpranay

    Nice email templates. Very Useful.

  59. ingaaa


  60. flora6999

    Great delivery Thanks

  61. strauss6

    Awesome.! Amazing content and information.

  62. outlet702

    Second purchase with this seller. Great content. Super-fast delivery.

  63. vernonsnate

    Even before I created this rating, I have already purchased another service from this seller!

    Fast, (1 day delivery vs. 5 days posted)
    Quality product
    Valuable bonuses!!!

  64. angelsummer

    I had a very good experience with the Seller. Firstly he sent me samples of email series niches I was interested in, then I asked did I need another product he had for sale to add to what I was ordering, he advised no (very impressive…not just about selling), lastly when I received my order, there were several extra Bonuses…and that product I asked him should I buy…All for FREE! That speaks volumes to me about who I am doing business with!!

  65. cuwillia

    It was ok. Fast delivery

  66. mztye14

    tropmaxim was great to work with! He delivered early and was very responsive, I would recommend this GIG. Thanks again tropmaxim.

  67. leonhoang

    Fast delivery and even bonuses included! Thank you!!

  68. la_works

    I got exactly what I asked for and then some. Thank you.

  69. bazmoreno

    Wonderful gig! Seller is a good communicator.

  70. mimie10

    Quick Delivery

  71. ryancran


  72. sarahpatel78

    Great Gig lots of information plus BONUS

  73. southbayserver

    Great autoresponder series. Thx

  74. kendrajones202

    Great delivery time

  75. thewealthmarket

    Provided what was required and was very quick. Thank you 🙂

  76. gemmapearcefitn

    Super quick turnaround plus I got a bonus too… Recommend!!!

  77. michaelmorri717

    Great work.Ilike the email sequence. Ready to put in autoresponder. Thank You.

  78. caribee4u

    Fantastic service provided byTropmaxim, recommended 🙂

  79. ladidamcd

    Great gig! Will order again!

  80. wydell

    Seller over delivered! I’m extremely pleased. If there was more than 5 stars, I would have given more.

  81. pkwidzin

    Delivered as promised. Very quick. He is helpful!

  82. mbakkali

    Super quick and over delivered.

  83. careercoach54

    Thank you for going above and beyond I would without a doubt recommend you
    have a great day be safe

  84. christopheranic

    Fast! Prompt and exceptional service

  85. samnishshanka

    Easy, fast delivery.

  86. chucksihebuzor


  87. a9542741384

    Thanks for sending this through to me.

  88. zanderkrause

    Looks good

  89. chalis9

    Service and product was great! Delivered more than what I was expecting.

  90. leads365

    Good Experience!

  91. mbrown50

    His work is fast and precise.

  92. phearoth

    Simply amazing and super fast delivery! It’s everything I need to get started and I love the bonus materials. Thanks so much!

  93. dstreet3003

    The seller communicated well. Awesome product.

  94. azamdaud

    thank you.

  95. ronhaddock

    awesome thank you very much

  96. ahopkins929

    Amazing content thank you very much for the Bonuses and fast delivery

  97. swotfish

    great seller

  98. mrmarketology

    fast and efficient

  99. vladiksimanel

    I am a Real Estate Broker and needed some quick autoresponder emails for a campaign. Response was great and subject matter was spot on. Thank you!

  100. fernandojo

    Awesome really good thank you

  101. moonlitventures

    I really like this Gig, I get more than I paid for.

  102. bellmark86

    Quick delivery and gave more too.

  103. germankristina

    Super fast delivery. The bonus i great. The 100 email are too broad and generic for me to send out.

  104. rowdie

    great work over delivers will be back again

  105. changa

    The delivery of the gig was on time. Also, the Seller provided amazing content.

  106. rbowm031

    Very quick delivery. All questions answered straight away..
    Just need to note that free software not available for mac.

  107. onlinemarket999

    Great deal! thanks for the bonuses.

  108. praisebiz1

    Very happy with this content! Over delivered with bonuses Great seller!!

  109. selvavenugopal

    It was really helpful…great gig!

  110. salman4u

    Great seller!

  111. nycrza

    Great materials. Highly recommended.

  112. toniahendrix

    Amazing and totally over delivered. Very happy!

  113. flabagast

    Great and super fast delivery!

  114. payjasonmarlowe

    Outstanding Experience!

  115. mapcash247

    nice work

  116. mrisakson

    Great service. I received more than ordered. I will definitely recommend this service to my contracts

  117. leknofflock18


  118. appvep

    more article style email copys in the internet marketing packadge.but good content,can suggest my products trough this sequence.all in one an happy customer.
    greetings from germany

  119. victoriaosolobo

    Fantastic and Fast Service!!! You Rock!!!
    Thank You!!!

  120. accomplishtrain

    The seller did more than expected and delivered fast results. I’m looking forward to more.

  121. channmonira

    Brilliant templates! Thanks a lot

  122. patkle

    Excellent seller. The product is just as described and I’m very pleased with it. Would recommend.

  123. shimonelbaz567

    Thank You!

  124. mareearee

    Well delivered.

  125. strokeguy69

    Outstanding, item as described and fast delivery .. thank you

  126. jideagbaje

    Delivered as promised.

  127. goncharov2005

    great transaction

  128. sgtjohns2

    As described. Great Seller! Would recommend.

  129. sbdtrk

    Over delivered which inspired me to buy his upsell and Over delivered with that also so grateful to have done business with you

  130. akfilmcrew

    Delivered fast and as promised with extra bonuses!

  131. douglasdye

    Fast delivery. Great content.

  132. vincenthunley

    Great seller! I got my order in no time! Thank you!

  133. cdaphnef

    Thanks a lot. am very pleased

  134. dropifi

    great service good

  135. borucht

    Seller is great! Responded and delivered way before promised delivery date. Cheers and thanks!

  136. wakhta31

    It was a great experience with Tropmaxlm. My order was delivered the very next day. My all requirements were fulfilled. Thanks again.

  137. pjjames074

    Seller was quick and delivered what was required.

  138. gladex

    great job!

  139. dlog7810

    I think I got more than I paid for. Will definitely recommend seller

  140. jrock43

    Good stuff. Prompt &generous service. Good experiance

  141. jordaanpj

    Quick response, provided as described.

  142. tg2mmedia

    Super fast delivery!

  143. equityfirm1

    absolutely fantastic. very fast delivery and much more than I expected. thank you so much.

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