PrestaShop Shopping Cart Software


Shopping from malls and retail stores is old school. With the latest trends in the e-commerce genre the addiction to shop online is unprecedented. The younger generation in particular, prefers to shop online to assert benefits such as convenience of shopping from one’s home, work place or any location. Shopping online also allows users to choose from a wide range of goods. Most importantly it is pocket friendly and consumes less time. Every now and then, we hear of new name plunging in the e-commerce pool indicating the intense competition in the field. To hold on to wide range of customers and strike a chord with the new ones, merchant sites give their customers heavenly discounted coupons and sale options to shop for their favorite items at a very reasonable price.

Within a decade, several big and small retail names are selling their products and services online. Even brands that have made a name in the retail industry are seen hosting their products on the web to capsulate a larger base of customers. To successfully launch a virtual shopping platform, it is imperative to choose a reliable shopping cart software which has all the features to create a power packed online store.

A traditional retail shop has a small cart or trolley which allows customers to put the items of the choice into it. These carts are convenient to pull at the same time makes stacking of items convenient before heading to the checkout counter. Similarly shopping cart software makes online shopping a convenient affair. When a user is shopping online, he/she can conveniently hold the product online before making the final transaction. The software calculates the sum of the total items in the cart clearly demarcating the tax amount, shipment charges and the actual price of the product. The shopping cart software guides the user to the product page; enable easy browsing of products and ultimately selecting and buying the product.

PrestaShop is well known e-commerce shopping cart software that extends strongly assistance to merchant site owners to buy and sell products quite seamlessly. To use the software effectively it is recommended to hire a dedicated PrestaShop developer to successfully integrate nearly 275 of its features on to the e-commerce portal. PrestaShop e-commerce software is one of the most preferred shopping cart software. From online catalogue management to product display, overall site management, SEO process, and customer log-in management can be effectively carried forth by PrestaShop e-commerce software. Another important feature of PrestaShop is its robust payment extension. A secured payment gateway is one of the most important requirements of shopping cart software which is duly recognized by Prestashop. It also supports nearly 38 languages clearly highlighting the internalization feature of the software. Giving insight into customer behavior and practice via web analytics and report is yet another interesting feature of PrestaShop .

PrestaShop gives complete control to the site owners to manage and run their online store efficiently. It is also backed by a community to developers who are adding new modules and dimension to make the software better. In you have an e-commerce project hire a PrestaShop developer to unveil and enjoy the many benefits of the software.

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