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Nip it in the butt! Cleaning up your reputation, (ORM) Online Reputation Management, online isn’t a simple task. One thing that is for sure is that you want to nip the situation in the butt as soon as you are aware that your position has been smudged online. The average person probably wouldn’t lose sleep over, supposedly, false information online. However, there are many people that have spent years branding their name, reputation and could stand to lose a substantial amount of money. In this blog post you will receive some good tips we gathered from our experience in the Online Reputation Management.


The only way to get Google or any search engine to remove a page from the Internet is by a court ruling. Other than that you are on your own, however, there is still hope. If there is a will there is a way. It’s going to take a small investment in purchasing domain names, building micro-sites, and a bit of creativity to polish your reputation online.

There is a difference in opinion over the use of micro-sites (a one or two page website). We’ve seen plenty of spam looking micro-sites and quite sure that you have as well. Micro-sites are perfect for are ORM campaigns. The site must contain high quality information that is easy to obtain and simple to share as a link. Also, include a small and minimal navigation. For example, a home page, about us page, and contact page. There are several micro-sites options in which you can choose from. The more the merrier.

The Path of Charity

It would be perfect if the person or organization that you’re doing the ORM for takes part in charitable events or has a huge wallet for donation purposes. This gives your ORM campaign more options.

1. Purchase a domain in close proximity of the event.
2. Get a micro-site created.
3. No commercial content or Ads.
4. Use as many pictures from charity events as possible.
5. Ask for a link from the charity to the micro-site.

The Importance of Domain Names

Get a domain that contains keyword terms that you are trying to rank high for. The catch here is to keep the domains short and sweet. The shorter the better since they are easier to remember. Your search engine optimization of the site will benefit as well.
Company or Individual Track record

Create micro-sites using the company or individual’s history. This would have to be, ideally, noteworthy event of the past. Creating micro-sites for simply the history may look ridiculous but the purpose is to fill up space in the search engines. It’s your reputation on the line, how far are you willing to go?

Highlight the Employees

Sometimes the answers we are looking for is right underneath our noses. The employees of an organization are perfect for a micro-site highlighting their achievements. If the employees are well diversified, as they should be, then you can highlight that aspect as well. A brief bio of the individual that excels in their position is a good start. You can even create micro-sites s for each department. Be creative! Be smart! Have fun!

Think Contests. Think Prizes.

People love free stuff and if you add a little competition, such as a contest, you’re in business! This is the easiest way to build links but the trick is to entice people to share the URL of their submission. The more links the higher your page rank and search engine listing will rise since your website traffic will significantly increase. You can build a micro-site just for the contest and then link it to your main site. Fortune 500 companies do it all the time.

Viral Content is Key

Positive content always goes viral, negative content has a 50/50 chance. Content that evokes emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear even though it could be considered negative information is contagious; people spreading your URL/link is exactly what you want. Viral marketing is the best type of internet marketing!

Maintaining a Fresh Website

Micro-sites are usually simple websites that shouldn’t require much maintenance. Change the content at lease once a year or you’ll run into having a stale website. If those negative pages still exist, then you should continue to fight and renew your domains until the 1st two pages in the search results are to your liking.

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