People Before Profit – How To Build Up An Email List of Subscribers


Building an email list of subscribers is an essential marketing move, but is not something that everyone knows how to do. As tempting as it may be, you cannot just start randomly emailing your advertisements out to people willy-nilly as this now constitutes as “spamming”, which is probably the most effective way to destroy your reputation and eliminate any hope of ever being successful in the internet marketing arena.

In this article I will briefly tell you a good, honest way of building up your list which will not get you into trouble. In fact, using this method will boost your popularity and you could have people climbing over each other to buy from you, in time. This method isn’t about making money straight away, it’s about building your list first.

For starters you’ll need an email responder service such as AWeber or XMail Pro to send out timed and scheduled emails. Next you’ll need to create what is called a “squeeze page” which has a box where people enter their name and email address in order to receive, for example, a free report or ebook on a particular subject they are looking for. A quick Google search will find you someone who can describe exactly how to create a squeeze page.

The text on the squeeze page needs to be irresistible to anyone reading it and make them want to subscribe to receive their free goodies, so spend a bit of time on it. If, however, you don’t feel you can personally write a good copy for the page, you can head over to and find a writer who will write a fantastic copy for you for only $5. There is so much talent on it’s unreal. It’s full of people who can write on a high-quality professional level but haven’t achieved their great success yet. Remember to check out any potential writers’ feedback. The customer never lies!

Now you need to drive traffic towards your squeeze page. The best ways to do this are to:

  • Write and submit articles to EzineArticles with a link to the squeeze page in your resource box.
  • Start a lens on Squidoo.
  • Upload videos, with a link to your squeeze page in the description, to YouTube.
  • Start up a couple of blogs that mention your squeeze page.
  • Advertise it on Craigslist.
  • Write posts on message boards and in forums with a link to the page in your signature.

Using this method will allow you to build up your own subscriber list. You should, over a 14 day period, send them an email once a day or once every other day with some more free and useful information, such as a daily report or article. After about two weeks you can then send an email promoting your product you wish to sell. Your customers will now trust you, be very receptive towards your offers and will now be very likely to buy your product!

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