Opt-Out? No Way!


Of course Internet marketers don’t want subscribers to opt-out of their email lists. But this is something that occurs for a variety of reasons (some of which have nothing to do with you) so you must ‘go with the flow’ and respect the wishes of subscribers when they feel it’s time for them to say goodbye.

Going So Soon?

Even if you provide the best email content in the world, some subscribers will opt-out. And while there are many reasons for this to happen, common reasons subscribers opt-out include:

路 Expected something different

路 No time to read email

路 On too many subscriber lists

路 Not happy with content

路 Emails too frequent

路 No longer interested in goods/services

路 Bored

And while you can always make improvements to your content, email frequency and other issues in email campaigns, this will not stop some people from clicking the opt-out button.

Monitoring Opt-Out Requests

Monitoring the number of people that opt-out of your email list should be an important part of your campaign. If you suddenly notice an increase in opt-out requests, you may need to reduce the number of messages sent or increase the quality of the content.

Testing a small segment of your list may help you determine the cause of increased opt-out requests. Email testing can take some time (a month or longer), so be prepared to test one element at a time (subject lines, email frequency, content, etc.) until you have enough data to analyze.

Opt-Out Link/Button Placement

Most countries require you to include an opt-out link or button somewhere in your email messages where subscribers can see them. Some marketers place these buttons on the top or bottom of their messages. Either place is fine, but keep in mind that people may be reading your email on small devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers – these subscribers may accidentally click the button at the top of the page when closing the message – this could be very annoying.

Placing the button or link at the bottom of the page is best as this is where subscribers expect to find it anyway.

Don’t Take It Personally

Don’t take it personally if a subscriber no longer wants to stay on your list. Even though large numbers of opt-out requests should be investigated, don’t be surprised if a few subscribers opt-out each month. That’s the nature of Internet marketing. The good news is that there are always new subscribers to take their place.

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