Opt-In Email Marketing: The Perfect Promotional Proposition


In order to get maximum returns on investment, it is extremely important to ensure that only an opt-in email database is used, so as to ensure a higher chance of revenue generation by sending across the message to the right kind of audience.

That email marketing is among the most effective promotional media is a known fact. However, companies that offer such services to their clients often do so on the basis of the fact that they have hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of email addresses in their database, which would ‘guarantee’ outstanding results. However, the definition of results varies. For the email marketing company, the same would refer to the maximum number of click through cases, but for the brand, it would be all about relevant click through cases, even if the numbers are a bit lower. This is why an opt-in email marketing database is so important.

Basically, an opt-in email marketing database comprises of email addresses of recipients who have expressed their willingness to receive email messages regarding a particular domain. For instance, salespersons would like to know opinions of industry leaders; shopping enthusiasts would like to know of new brands and stores being launched, discounts, promotional schemes, etc; and so on. From the brand’s perspective, it wouldn’t make any sense to send email messages that are not suiting to the taste of the recipient, case in point, sending an email message about sports goods to a pregnant woman, or sending a baby products email message to a bachelor. Obviously, these practices are just a waste of time and resources.

If email campaigns are run on opt-in email marketing databases, they have a much higher chance of resulting in revenue generation, since the scope of an interested prospective consumer is definitely better than someone who hasn’t probably even heard of such a product or service, let alone being interested in the same. Hence, brands are much better off selecting companies who offer such kind of databases, even if the cost implications are a bit higher.

Unlike many of our contemporaries, we are extremely averse to the concept of ‘universal’ and ‘one size fits all’ approach. The basis of our existence and repute is the fact that we treat each client as a distinct entity, and offer solutions specific to their industry and demands. The result – highly targeted and segmented campaigns that attract consumers and drive exponential revenues!

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