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Online marketing for weight control is a hot topic now. The truth is that online marketing for weight control has over 26,100,000 listings on Google alone. It is difficult for newcomers to the obesity epidemic to make some sense of which program is best for them.

All online marketing companies realize the size of the market and many take the approach of “one size fits all,” which will be of little or no value to the one trying to reach a normal weight and overall healthy eating plan.

Herbal product companies have used an approach for many years to make recommendations based on the size, weight, age and activity level to suggest a specific program to meet their client needs and help them stay within their goals using meal replacement shakes and supplements. Online marketing for weight control can present a few unique problems. For example:

  • How to weigh and measure
  • Report what food consumed
  • Prevent muscle loss during the getting healthy phase
  • Control cheating while at long distances
  • Manage hydration

Water intake is critical to nearly every body function. The average person produces 32 ounces of saliva per day to speak and begin digestion of food. Water also functions as the carrier for transporting blood through the body. Imagine not replenishing the oil in your car for several oil change cycles. It would ge thick and eventually destroy your engine, while delivering no power and causing overheating due to friction. Lack of intake of water in your body can bring about the same results. An intake of 1/2 oz of water per pound of weight is the standard. More is better. It is difficult to drink more water than your body can handle.

Some online weight control programs use Wellness Coaches in a step by step program for training, delivering advice and food choice selections for success in weight reduction and how to change client lifestyle. To be successful at online marketing for weight control one must have the products, training on proper use, strategy to source clients, and the online presence to deliver the client results. Nothing works better to deliver client’s favorable results than having the personal relationship between client and Wellness Coach. To be successful the coach must make a direct telephone link with their client. Many online programs attempt to deliver advice without direct communication with clients, but I have yet to speak to a client who was able to stay with any program for weight control, that does not have a direct communication link for the client. Without direct communication either via telephone, in person or at the least via email most clients will not succeed. Coaches follow these practices to succeed including personal contact.

My personal experience as a Wellness Coach came after trying just about every weight loss plan known. I found that all of them worked but as soon as I changed something or skipped a few days I was right back where I started. Before I started I was 220 lbs and am now at 170 lbs.

I have stayed at the desired weight for nearly 6 years and continue to feel great and have one healthy meal replacement and two sensible nutritious meals per day. I would not have succeeded if I did not have direct communication with my Wellness Coach during my lifestyle changes.

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