One Effective Way to Increase Google Ranking for a Business


The need for business owners to increase Google rankings for their website has taken a greater significance as the web becomes more cluttered by the day. Research shows that 95% of Internet search engine users do not look past the first page of Google search results and of the few that do, many do not look past the second page. Obviously that is not a problem if customers are searching for a particular business by name, as that business will typically appear as the first result. However, when customers are searching for something non-specific like “Cleveland sushi restaurant” or “Sacramento ear nose throat doctor,” Google ranking matters, as businesses risk missing thousands of dollars of revenue as they become eclipsed by competitors with higher rankings.

One effective way to increase Google ranking for a business is to use proven reputation management techniques. There are a number of different areas that reputation management firms focus on, and a few will be described below.

An area that has exploded in importance in recent years is online reviews. Organizations like Yelp, Google+ Local, Angie’s List, and many others have grown substantially to fill the need for business reviews. Individuals enjoy reading reviews before visiting a location and in many cases consider an online review to be just as trustworthy as a recommendation from a friend. Organizations with poor reviews see a drop in new customers, and even lose existing customers. Reputation Management firms design ways for businesses to boost the percentage of customers who write positive reviews for their business. Additionally, those with advanced resources will be able to detect fake reviews submitted by former employees or competitors and turn to in-house legal representatives to have those reviews removed.

Another resource that businesses can use to increase their Google ranking is social media. Popular social media channels help increase a company’s visibility but also serve as a way for the organization to reach out to loyal customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. Reputation management firms help a business expand its social media efforts and engage with followers/fans to convince them to recommend the business to their friends. Businesses can oversee their own social media accounts, but if they lack the time, manpower, or prior experience with these platforms then they could end up doing more harm than good to the company’s reputation.

A reputation management firm will also be able to use general white hat SEO techniques to increase Google ranking for a business. Once again, although a business owner could opt to handle these tasks in-house, it will be much more cost efficient to outsource the task. Additionally, by turning to experts the problem will be handled right away and when it comes to issues with a company’s Google ranking, the sooner changes are made, the sooner new customers begin walking through the door.

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