No Wonder! Magneto Is the Most Popular eCommerce Platform


There are definite reasons to why Magneto has been the most preferable and popular eCommerce platform among the developers and the users. Here are a few of those.

It Offers Almost Each And Every Functionality That You Might Need

On your venture, to setting up your eCommerce store, you will gradually realize that you need different functionality to cover the finer points of this project. Probably, you might already be aware of a lot of those. Hence, Magneto turns out to be a really helpful and effective eCommerce platform that lets you avail all those features and functionality and to enhance the returns and productivity of your business.

Multi-site functionality is probably the most likeable feature of this amazing platform. You have the freedom of creating additional websites on a unique domain, and of course, each of those websites can have its unique store. Besides, all those websites can also have their unique template and theme. In short, you will really like it, running numerous sites on Magneto.

You also have the Search Engine Optimization or SEO functionality. It’s really important for any eCommerce website owner, to get his site ranked high in the results of the popular search engines. Only then, he can expect higher traffic and more number of potential customers on his site. Hence, Magneto facilitates you this functionality with its built-in Meta tags, clean URLs, SEO optimized descriptions, clean HMTL, site navigation, and other such important aspects.

Above all, you always have the freedom of choosing the only feature that you want. Different businesses can have different requirements for their eCommerce sites. Hence, with Magneto you can easily customize your eCommerce store as per your need. This platform is highly scalable, can easily be customized, and you can tailor the availability of those features to a great extent. After all, it’s your eCommerce store, and everything there will be as per your wish and decision.

Google Analytic Integration

It’s an important feature to get the advanced marketing insight. Needless to mention, it can be really helpful for your eCommerce store. Along with the integrated store and sales tracking feature, you can have different important analyses for your business enhancements. Say for an instance, you can get an idea on the sales, traffic, performances of the different stores, and also report filtering.

It Makes Your eCommerce Venture Cost Effective

There is no denial in the fact that an eCommerce solution is far inexpensive as compared to setting up your own physical store. You avoid a lot of expenses and investments, which you need to do for a whole setup of your physical store. Yet, if the development is not planned with perfection, the total cost involved in your eCommerce setup can skyrocket quickly. Hence, it’s quite important to make it cost effective.

Magneto is an open source eCommerce platform. Hence, you don’t need to pay even a penny for using its amazing features and for setting up your whole eCommerce store. Many extensions and additional features too are available free of cost. Hence, with Magneto, you can actually make your eCommerce venture cost effective.

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