No Email Marketing, No Online Success


Email marketing is a very popular method of advertising products and services. However, many companies are still not comfortable advertising in this way. Maybe you feel the same. Maybe you just don’t understand the benefits. Maybe you don’t know who to send your advertising message to.

Finding email addresses is quite simple, but time consuming. It is much easier to hire a service. This service collects thousands of emails for a variety of niches. Within days they will have cultivated hundreds of people interested in your particular product or service. These email service companies are also capable of launching an effective email campaign on your behalf.

Cost Effective

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most cost effective methods of advertising. You don’t need to have thousands of letters printed and pay postage to mail all those letters. Sending email is free. All you need is a mass emailing program or a provider that sends the email for you. These are very reasonably priced and you can instantly send thousands of emails per day or week, whichever you prefer.

Reach the World

Email is world wide. Just about every person in every country in the world has internet access. In an instant you can reach new clients from any where in the world. This is nearly impossible and extremely expensive with regular mail

Faster Conversion

With an internet offer, your customers can make a purchase right on the spot. There is nothing to mail in, no stores to visit and no phone call to make. Just a few clicks and their order is in. Of course, not every email you send will be a sale, but the conversion rate is much higher than with any other type of advertising.

Targeted Audience

With an email marketing campaign you only send your message to people that have shown an interest in your product or service. This is targeted marking. You are not wasting a lot of time and money mailing your advertising material to people that will toss it as soon as it arrives.

Keep in Touch

Email allows you to keep in touch. Your potential clients can refer back to your email whenever they like. With other advertising methods your message will be tossed in the trash. Even if someone does have a special spot where they keep fliers and other mailings, chances of them going through that pile and buying something are slim. Most likely the whole pile will be tossed within a day or so. No one likes that much clutter.

Your email marketing team can also tailor each email to make it more personal. This creates a bond between you and your potential customers. If they ever have any questions or problems, they can contact you much easier. People prefer that to waiting on hold on the phone for hours.

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