Network Marketing – Is It The Wave Or Is Network Marketing Here To Stay?


Network Marketing is quite a sensitive topic. Often one that gets bashed and tossed around like a ‘hot potato’. Some can handle it and some cannot. And there are reasons for each side of the argument. But if one evaluates, or even Netflix they will discover that they obviously started vial Network Marketing and grew to the size that they are today and some continue to grow and grow. One has to agree that Network Marketing existed prior to the internet obviously.

It was just a different way to access that network for development of projects. If a building contractor needed a plumber to do the plumbing in a two-story garage then he called his friend on the phone or met him at his local meeting place. A face to face conversation took place, bids were placed and then often times I have heard that ”many business deals have been made on the golf course”. So with that quote that implies that Golf has its own individual network. Not to mention similarities that exist. Similarities you say? Sure why not? One swings a bat when attempting to knock the ball out of the park so they can travel around the “sand diamond” with ease while another tries to knock the small ball into the hole in one swing.

A very similar concept. The same applies to network marketing and purchasing. If someone wants to travel, buy brand x or just need that special pair of jeans or the Fossil watch, they go online. Fossil has networked with Facebook who is linked with over a billion people and their chance of finding someone in that particular “similar” network market is relatively high. So one cannot discount the methods that are in use today. In fact, one could appreciate the network marketing online system especially if they have to order those special parts for their truck or car.

Maybe they want to send their Mom and Dad a Maine Lobster while they live 1700 miles away from home, just to make Mom and Dad’s night a little more special. The network allows that to happen. So to summarize: one must not cringe when they hear about network marketing because in the big scheme of things, this ‘thing’ has allowed us to reach out into different areas of the world because we can’t travel there but we can see it from the “Google Earth” and take a tour of the world that exists around us. But then Again I could be wrong

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