Need Web Marketing for Your Business? Here Are 8 Reasons to Offer Your Customers an Email Newsletter


Are you a business owner interested in learning more about web marketing opportunities? Have you considered distributing a custom email newsletter to current and potential customers? Email newsletters, also called e-newsletters, are now common place for many businesses and organizations, and if done well, they are something customers look forward to receiving. Need an extra nudge before you decide to take the plunge into the world of email newsletters? Here are 8 reasons you should consider starting an email newsletter for your business or organization.

1. Email Newsletters give you a good excuse to get in front of your target audience. A lot of the marketing materials people receive these days are unwanted. The term junk mail, used to describe unsolicited and often throwaway paper and electronic mail, captures this phenomenon quite effectively. E-newsletters, by contrast, give you a good excuse to get in front of your current and possible future customers since they are meant to offer something of value in exchange for a person’s time and attention. Because good email newsletters are complete with original and engaging content customized to meet the needs and interests of a specific audience, they are a desirable gift you can offer loyal followers rather than unwanted junk simply destined for the circular file.

2. Email Newsletters let customers call the shots – translating to a marketing vehicle people trust and like. Typically customers sign up for or opt into a company’s e-newsletter and generally they can easily opt out too. By enabling your customers to call the shots on e-newsletters as a communication vehicle, you seem less like an intrusive company pushing wares and more like a helpful friend delivering requested information.

3. Email Newsletters are “just the right size” for everyone. Because of the benefits of being electronic by design, e-newsletters can have a lean look while also offering plenty of rich content and depth. They can be as short or as long as a person wants, while still only appearing to be a slick one page to recipients. With enticing bits of information and plenty of optional links leading to other pages with more details, you can use an e-newsletter almost like a table of contents for a much bigger compilation of information and marketing materials. While customers don’t feel overwhelmed by receiving a 50 page booklet of material, your one page e-newsletter can actually be as rich with information and detail as a much bigger print document.

4. Email Newsletters offer you a chance to be more personal. Depending on your business industry or service, e-newsletters may provide you with a chance to show your customers a side of you or your business they don’t typically get to see. For example, if you are a busy doctor’s office treating hundreds of patients a day with examinations and procedures, chances are many of your clients may not have the opportunity to know more about your office staff, office culture, and even some of the other services and information you have to share. An e-newsletter provides the perfect forum to share with your customers other sides of your business so that they get to know more about who you are and what you are all about.

5. Email Newsletters are interactive. They can include contests, surveys, and opportunities for people to comment on blogs and through email. They may feature photos of customers, products and company staff, links to relevant video or live chat features, order forms, and special deals only email newsletters readers receive. In contrast to paper marketing materials that may quickly become fodder for the recycling bin or double as coffee coasters, scrap paper or makeshift dust pans, E-newsletters can engage readers with a very clear call to action that may include a Facebook like, a read of a featured article, or a forward to a friend.

6. Email Newsletters are made to share, making them the perfect vehicle for word of mouth advertising. We all know that word of mouth is a powerful source of advertising that isn’t something money can buy. Email newsletters are designed to be easily sharable between people with a simple forward involving a few keyboard clicks. If you write something interesting, helpful and/or engaging that people like, chances are that you will be rewarded since some will want to share it with others and soon you will be cultivating a broader audience than you even expected.

7. Email Newsletters allow small and growing businesses to compete with much larger ones. If you are a small business, new start up, or growing business aspiring to increase your market share and customer base, e-newsletters provide you with an excellent forum to compete with much larger companies. You don’t need a multi-million dollar advertising budget to develop and create a top-notch e-newsletter. In fact with some careful planning, creativity and effort, you can launch a great e-newsletter on a surprisingly small budget. Don’t let an opportunity to compete with bigger companies pass you by. An e-Newsletter offers just this opportunity.

8. Email Newsletters are green. While companies spend billions on paper marketing materials each year a growing number of consumers are starting to ask why? Sure a good catalogue, flyer, or print ad can dazzle, but it can also appear wasteful, decadent and even be considered bad for business. E-newsletters do not require any of the heavy paper, printer ink, stamps, and transportation resources required for paper mailers, flyers and other print based advertising. In these times of growing environmental awareness and resourcefulness, e-newsletters represent this trend with a light footprint and no additional material added to our landfills and garbage bins.

If you are a business or organization interested in finding out more about how you can launch your own e-newsletter, you might find it helpful to talk to a company that specializes in web marketing. A professional web marketing company can help you with all of the aspects of a successful e-newsletter including article research and writing, professional photos, customer database management and campaign analytics. With a little effort and motivation, you’ll be ready to launch your own e-newsletter in no time and your customers won’t be the only ones to benefit!

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